Saturday, May 31, 2008

What The Problem Is?

Recently I encountered some errors while searching internet & doing the blog hopping. I'm sorry that I'm an IT idiot which have no idea what goes wrong & how to rectify the error. It really annoying and make me so frustrated & pissed off......
The error is that when I tried to head on a link from a web page, it just can't bring or load me into the page linked, it showed me a pop-up message as shown in the picture below instead:
" A Runtime Error has occured. "
Do you wish to debug?
Line: 9
Error: "console" is undefined

If I hit the "NO" button, the same pop-up message will appear again & again whenever the cursor is move over the same link or image. It does happen too when I wanna drop a comment whilst doing blog hopping, the error occured when I hit any key on the keyboard over the same column. If I hit the "YES" button, it shows me another pop-up message "Just In-Time Debugging", ask if I wanna debug using the selected debugger (New instance of Microsoft Script Editor)?

Click "YES" it brings me the the Microsoft Script Editor as shown in the picture below. I'll need to hit "BREAK" to continue. Huh? Kidding me, all the contents are just look alike the HTML, JavaScript or other codes which I'm not familiar of. Really kanasai le......sigh!

As you can see in the image below, a line "console.log(e.keyCode)..." in the MSE is highlighted in yellow, I guess this would be the coding error that need to be debug? Can some one tell me what wrong with this codes? And how to correct it? Between, can some one tell me whose error or fault is it? Is my PC lack of certain program(s) that supporting the script data or the other parties has had the wrong coding in their page that can't be read correctly? Can some body who is IT expert kindly guide me on how get rid of this errors? Thanks in advance ya...:)




Deimos Tel`Arin said...

Hey, I see my blog's comment box submission area in there! O_O

Are you using Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows Windows 98?

Did you experience this problem when browsing sites with Firefox?

levian said...

my guess is .. you're using IE to surf the internet ?? there is a way to remove that error, disabling this, enabling that .. herm .. why not try firefox, it never has this kinda error. ;)

amei79 said...

Deimos Tel`Arin
Im using EI below 6.0 on Windows 98 at office, at home using TheWorld on Windows XP.

yup, im using EI.
Hmm, all these while im using office or my gf's sis PC to may need to ask them to change the browser i think...:)

Apple said...

You should really try Firefox, Firefox 3 is coming soon, remember to download and try it out. Forget about IE. Firefox still can work well in Win98.

amei79 said...

10s for the recommendation, will try it after i get my on internet with my laptop...:)