Saturday, March 1, 2008

Will You Need A House-Maid?

First of all, before I start this topic, I would like to emphasis that whenever I mention the word "House-Maid" or "Maid" in this entry, it would mainly refer to those foreigners who derived from the neighbouring countries. ( I assume that you know better than me, so not going to reveal the countries names here for certain reasons! )
Now-a-day most of the big & rich families (even the small & families) like to employ House-Maid(s) to lighten the burdens of the so called "Housewife". Of course it might not exactly only lighten the burdens, some are even totally take over the roles of an "Housewife" or perhaps a "Mother" by doing all the nursery tasks, house-works (all types of cleaning & washing), gardening and so on. Perhaps if the house-maids are well educated, they will need to assist the childs in the homeworks revision & learning process as well...!!!
If let say your family really need one or more house-maid(s) to do whatever jobs from low to high, light to heavy & inside to outside the house, I have few advices here so you can take note of it to avoid any unnecessary troublesome:~
Firstly, never trust the Foreign Worker Agents. Before the foreigners can stay & work in local, they must undergo a medical check-up to prove that they are healthy & not carry any infective diseases. The agent(s) will arrange & do all the necessaries prior sending over the qualified house-maid to you. Well, please bear in mind that the agent(s) can sometime with the help from an un-ethical doctor & lab to have a false medical report. So no matter how, you must bring the maid for 2nd medical check-up (blood test alone will do), of course at different clinic & lab is preferrable ( unfortunately, normally you will never have chance to see the medical report by agents, so you will never know which clinic & lab they used ).
Secondly, you may heard about have experienced it before by which the house-maid run away (disappeared) from somebody's your house & never come back again. This might be problem created by the agent intentionally. Then why? Do you know that once the qualified house-maid accepted, you will need to pay the agent a certain amount of agent fee which not less than RM4K and if you "lost" the maid & can never manage to find her back, you will be fined a certain amount which not less than RM1K? If the agent sent you a maid & later "kidnap" her and send to other house, then keep repeating this process, can you imagine how much they can earn from a single maid? So please monitor the maid's behaviour closely.You should strictly prohibit them direct contact with strangers or if possible the agent in the 2 years working permit period.
1. The condition may vary from one place to another place, so the above only based on the local scenario.
2. Some agents will closely monitor both employer & worker's behaviour, to make sure employer treat the worker nicely & worker performs their tasks ideally.

Thirdly, if you don't know how to respect the maid, or you think that you are superior & they are low class with no dignity. I would advice you not to have any maid at home. As we have heard & witness too many bully (abuse) foreign worker(s) cases, we don't want any of the foreign workers become your next victim! The salary for a maid is only RM250-350/month at my place, and they suppose being paid the full total amount after finished the 2 years working permit, but the sad news is some of them not being paid even a single cent! You see, they are coming to our country with the hope can earn some money to reduce their families' burdens, but end up with empty pocket after 2 years of works. How do they going to face & explain to their families & others when back to the home country?


Unknown said...

room maid? counts?

Shireen Loh said...

Just wanna drop by to say, thanks for dropping by my blog :-D

Unknown said...

I personally don't like to hire live in maid.Before when i was in sabah I just hired a part time maid.Her monthly salary only RM180 three times a week.i think that already helps alot.Without a maid I still have lots of time to enjoy my day :) Aheem!i won't pay for the agent fee.Not worth it.

Hazel said...

i do do all the household chores, i x like the maid to stay with hah is not only the rich one got maid, we can see the medium social people or the poor one also got maid.

Apple said...

I kinda pity my house maid, because my stepmom throw almost everything for her to do, even nursing my 6-year-old step bro.

The agent fee is rising, we might not hire any house maid in the future.

Anonymous said...

room maid? u meant part time maid? if so it would be ok. or u meant room-mate?

shireen loh:
U welcome, 10s 4 drop by 2...

yalo, so pity...RM180 might not go to maid's pocket somemore!

heard that there is a rule, to take a maid, salary combination must above RM4k/mth...or else the LHDN will visit u very soon!

no maid, then u have to help ur stepmum do houseworks loh...pity u too...lolz

Anonymous said...

hi.. im looking for part time maid.. any idea? thanks..