Saturday, March 22, 2008

Horton ~ Hears A Who?

"Horton ~ Hears A Who?" is a CGI Animated movie, it was the latest movie I watched in the cinema last week. Horton is an elephant who hears a cry of help from a speck of dust. So he has managed to help & protect the "Who", who he believes is a very very small & tiny community living on the dust.

No one believe Horton's saying, especially his neighhour, the Mrs Kangaroo claimed that Horton's nonsense is trying to poisoning the mind & thinking of the small childs. So she calls a group of monkeys & the vulture to destroy the dust & purnish the Horton............Of course at the end, Horton success to prove them the existance of the "Who" on the dust.


My Words:
In the movie, the Mrs Kangaroo has made a statement sound like "A Thing Is Not Exist If We Can't See, Can't Hear, or Can't Even Touch It"! How true is it? Are you going to agree or disagree with her? I believe most of you will be so offensive to such thinking & perception. Wonder why?

Then should ask your self a very simple question - "Do you believe in GOD"? Hmm, I guess most of you do, right? Can you see, hear or touch the GOD? Of course you don't! So does the GOD exist? Honestly I have no idea, and I'll never try to simply answer either "Yes" or "No", although my answer is more to the "Yes"; It would be a tough question for you to answer if you are a "Free Thinker" like me (Err...actually Im more to the Buddhist side...)!

Another interesting question is - "Do you believe in Ghost"? Many people told that they have saw the ghost; some even claimed that they have heard the ghost talking, screaming, groaning or crying. So what do you think? Will you believe it? Or you just assumed that it is not exist because of you never encounter it before? Ya, some people tend to be like this, they will never believe in certain things, unless they have experienced it by their own. Just like we sometime feel so hard to take the advices from those who elder or experienced than us & caused in so much regretful in the coming days!

By the way, the 2 examples above seem to be too abstract to most of us & hard for us to have an imagination on their real figure. So why not we try to have a "solid" example which we can see, hear & touching on. Wright brothers (Orville Wright & Wilbur Wright) were the inventors of the airplane. I guess when Wright brothers made the statement that one day human can fly on the sky, most people won't belief it & may thought that Wright brother were mad & like to day dreaming. Some more people have said that “If God had intended for human beings to fly, He would have given us wings.” in the past. If Wright brothers have believed & surrendered to this statement, then we will never have the airbus today.

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It can be say that most of things we saw, we heard, & we had today aren't available in the past, these are the great jobs of the human being. Day dreaming some time can be a good practice, if some one can adopt & combine the idea(s) from the "day dreaming" with the creative & innovative thinking, to turn what we don't see, we don't hear, and we don't feel into a product or service that we can see, can hear & can feel. We must dare to dream & dare to action, never rely on the ordinary rules & laws, so we can make a different & change in the future!



Unknown said...

I disagreed with Mrs kangaroo statement.There are lots of things we can't see or touch directly but we know it exists.I can neither see touch,see nor hear you and you are exist.I believe god does exist because there are miracles in this world.

Apple said...

Oh! What a nice philosophy behind this animation. I'm gonna watch this. Thanks for reviewing it, before reading this, I didn't feel like watching this animation.

I agree with your point of view on the abstract.

Rose world said...

things are meant to be what they meant to be! We may not see or touch or smell them, but I believe in those "invisible" things! They exist! :) Anything is possible with GOD!


hmmm...there are lots of things we've yet to discover. I still believe in Nothing is Impossible! hehe~


amei79, i write about u again, here's my link:

Anonymous said...

I can neither see touch,see nor hear you and you are exist
Wah, ur example is simple & easier to understood than mine...ya there are lots of miracles.

I like animation, more relaxing & laugh compare to watching a comedy by real they can have more funny impressions (face) on the cartoon characters.

just like the air, invisible but it exist...

bb community:
agree, as we can just separate the impossible into "Im" "Possible"...:)
Between, 10s for mention my blog in ur blog...appreciate it very much.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Seuss is classic; after seeing Horton Hears a Who i was reminded how much good stuff that guy can pack into a simple storyline... they didn't add much to the original story either except for the usual Jim Carreyisms.

Anonymous said...

That mean u have read that book? or else u wont able to compare it...