Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oop, Un-affordable Body Weight!

Obesity is a health issue which has long alerted the alarm of health nationwide, due to lack of the physical exercise, imbalance diet, genetic problem & etc. Malaysia as a new developed country also having this health problem, especially now-a-day the so called fast foods (e.g Mc Donald, KFC, Sugarbun...etc) have become the food celebrities among the small childs, teenages, youth, even adults & the eldery. That why recently the MOH (Ministry of Health) has tries to ban all kinds of fast foods' advertisments to be published in the newspapers or on the local TV channels.

My Words:
How far is your health conscious on the seriousness of obesity? As I know majority of the female are quite very concern with their body weight & body shape. During my university, us guys not hard to hear the complains from the girls, claimed that they were fat, they were overweight & wanna on diet programme to keep body slim & so on. Well, I won't deny that some of them were really looked abit fat & plump, but many of them for us guys were actually quite good looking & slim. Then why should them still make noise? Are they over health conscious?
Is it any possibility that they girls don't have the right definition on the word "SLIM"? They may not even know how to diferentiate the physical look of "THIN", "SLIM" & "FAT" as well? Honestly, I have no idea how to diferentiate the body shape too, especially between thin & slim. Any suggestive figure or measurement can help in the differentiation?
Just because of we don't know how slim is considered as slim, so many of us may undergoing an endless & un-worthwhile keep fit & diet programmes......However, if you only eat less but with balance daily diet and having a regular exercise as part of the "keep slim" programme, it is still fine, it won't harm your health and at least one thing for sure, you have changed your life style to the healthier one.
Instead of chasing for the dreamed slim body shape, would advice just to monitor & maintain your body weight BMI (Body Mass Index) within the normal limit. What is the point that you are slim but you are actually underweight or unhealthy? You may say that body shape (external look) is important to create a self confident in approach to the public & social life; then how can you explain that some plump guys like kennysia ( haha...he will never know Im gossiping him as he will never come to my blog...:p ) can be so confident in his social life & became a blogger celebrity? ------------------------ [MOH-BMI Calculator]


Johnny Ong said...

must exercise la ..... cutting down on food consumption is not the idea.

i do eat a lot but i do exercise regularly too to maintain my weight.

Apple said...

This is a good topic. I'm currently on diet. I dare not put up my pictures only until I succeed, then I will show it to you in my blog. I want to slim down because I really have a 凸 tummy. Although now my BMI calculation shows that I'm normal not not overweight. But my tutor said at my age and height, my ideal weight is 48kg. Currently 55kg, lost 1kg after 1 week of diet plan :)

Exercise is important too, help keeping the body healthy.

Anonymous said...

slim = thin and fit

thin = bones only.


i feel so fat! LOL

Anonymous said...

you're right. keep fit enough already.. don't diet until don't eat anything at all for the whole day... if like that will harm our body and the entire face will look worse

Hazel said...

haha..nice joke

JK said...

I agree that we should be fit and healthy. That's the most important in life.

Anonymous said...

johnny ong:
they can cut down the food, especially those with high carbohidrate content (rice, potato...etc) if the are idle most the time, junk food & supper too

prefer a diet plan with healthy meal & regular exercise, totally disagree loss weight by help of any medicine e.g reductil, and most drug got side effect to certain group of people, like reductil may cause palpitation, high BP, constipation...etc.

good luck to u, so whenever ur photo been uploaded to blog...u have succeed?

aiya, thin or fat also can be so fit. Hmm, u feel so fat? may not look so fat, so dont worry...:)

the worst is some may turn into "hate eating" stage, & developed into "Anorexia Nervosa".
so scary!!!


that rite, fit & healthy is for own good, but good looking seem for others' good...iz it?

Anonymous said...

Firstly, i blame obesity not on fast foods (the fast food in Malaysia isn't all that great compared to what i see Americans eat on TV. Their food is scary i tell you!) but on all carbohydrate foods in general. Rice and noodles, our Asian staple food. I believe that if you cut it out of your diet, you'll definitely lose weight.

Haha, now you'll hear guys (like me) complaining about weight. It's not only the domain of girls anymore, guys these days are very conscious of their eating etc.

It's not so much the numbers but how they and others think of them. As you said, there's no actual set measurements to categorize you as fat or thin. It's all about people's perception of you.

If you find that some girls who are complaining are already thin enough, do tell them cause they need to know. In their heads, they might believe that everyone sees them as fat and wants to change that.

People like Kenny Sia are either very thick skinned, find they don't need to look fit to attract the opposite sex (because of other characteristics eg. being famous) OR are actual hiding the fact that they care. Maybe Kenny WANTS to lose weight but doesn't say anything.