Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just Can't Withstand Temptation of Buying Books

Another book exhibition in Miri, this time is held in E-mart Complex, by a book store from KL, named A.S. Books Centre (民族文化书坊). Of course I'll never miss any book exhibition & can never withstand temptation of buying books because of other than online resources, books are my another main source of knowledges & learning tool. As what Willson Lim (Mentor of Money & You) said "If You Stop Learning, You Will Become An Illiterate of Modern Time" (若你停止学习,将会成为现代文盲)! So it is important to keep learning all the time to have some upgrade on our knowledges, thinking, mindset & etc in all fields.
3 books bought that day, err...actually is 2 books since it was buy 2 free 1... :)
The chinese version of "The Secret" - 《秘密》by Rhonda Bryne (朗达.拜恩).

藏在故事后面的心灵 - 刘墉a

更爱明天的自己- 吴若权 (FOC)

I wonder why whenever there is a book exhibition by any of the book stores, normally most of the books displayed are the pirated books. Of course the 3 books I bought also the pirated one. Even though I knew that as a good consumer, buying a pirated book or other pirated stuffs like CD, VCD & etc is not a good practice, but I just can't resist to not do so, as it is too cheap compared to the original one. E.g the pirated book - "The Secret" was sold at RM15 only, while the original one is at RM79.90 (English version) & RM37.50 (Chinese version).

Although the printing quaility of the pirated books may not as nice or presentative as the original one, but as a reader, what we wanted is just the contents or knowledges hiden in the books, not the printing quality, somemore the money saved can be spent to buy more books knowledges (or other stuffs), then why not? So please don't blame on buying the pirated books.



Hazel said...

wow, u like collect books also ha..normally i will buy the imitate items

Anonymous said...

Have you read The Secret yet? I bought that book too but I have not read the book yet.

Let me know if its good


Anonymous said...

erm if you read normal books should be okay. Please don't buy pirated health related book oh.. otherwise you may blame the book or author next time lol
I remember last time wanted to buy a health related book to my dad. I was thinking whether to buy pirated or original want as you know the prices is big differences to student like me right.
I think normal pirated novel like you displayed above should be ok ba

Anonymous said...

LOL, there's such a thing as pirated books? OMG, i don't know one? Haha.. I think i've been *cough* downloading *cough* all my books. Which is much much worse. :P

Eh, and those exhibitors dare put out pirated stuff? Won't kena tangkap meh?


p.s. At least it's not any other kind of temptation.

Eehui said...

gosh i havent been reading books for such a long time =p hard to find chinese book here and no i dont read english novels =p used to love ke poh ou yang lin a lot!!!

Tim-Kimokeo Voon said...

The Law of Attraction....
Get the DVD...its much easier to understand and follow...

Apple said...

I heard that "The Secret" is really a good book. For books I think it's okay to get a pirated one as the content is the same :P

Anonymous said...

hazel: not a book collector, i just like to read books to upgrade my IQ & EQ...:)

not yet read still got other books pending for recently has borrow by my gf's sister-in-law.

I agree, books with only texts are ok to be pirated one, but those books with nice pictures, prefer the original, liek those anatomy & physiology book & etc.

So far no one bother bout these pirated books, just like there are lots of shops selling the pirated CD,VCD & DVD openly, even in shopping mall, who care as here is m'sia...haha

reading is a good hobby & practice, may be u can have a new start now?

The Law of Attraction? another book or one of the topics in The Secret? I heard that the original The Secret attached with DVD.

This is a book recommend by Mentor of Money & You, Willson Lim...that y i buy this book, somemore my gf's sister in-law also been recommend this book by her manager.


the secret very nice de~ share it with all your friends!!!

Anonymous said...

bb community:
Sure I'll, under "book review" far still got 3 book reviews pending to post it up.