Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tough Front Line Services

If you are in the front line services, then you must know how tough is it to entertain a customer who is so stubborn and like to make a fuss about nonthing. You have to be so patience & with a sweat smiling face although you are not in mood just because of the words of wisdom "Customer is always right" & "Customer is the King"!
Listed below are some of the cases I have encountered oftenly which is so incomprehensible & make me felt so frustrated:~
1. Insist for a discount
I feel unhappy if customer(s) keep asking me for a discount, especially after a long explaination on why no discount offered (of course we do offer discount in certain cases, even though customer not asking for it), but they still insist to have it! Some even claimed that they are "regular customer" so must have such special treat as a return, but the fact is when check into the computer system, found that (s)he has just visited us for one time only with a blood test cost 2 digits in the past.
2. Tend to skirt around the subject
Some customers seem are health conscious, ask questions from A to Z, and shown their interest in having a full screening tests...but later come out with an excuse like "Oop, Im not fasted!" or "Oh shit, not enough money lah!", then say "you just do the HIV screening for me 1st lah....". WTH...So hard for you to tell your intention directly? Waste my time to listen & explain, somemore is during busy hours.
3. So ignorance
Has been reminded few times to bring along with the blood test receipt whenever come to collect the blood test report. Un-fortunately they never listen into their ears or what we chinese called "right ear in, left ear out?"! Okie, doesn't matter, at least they have bring their I/C...but so sad to hear "Sorry, I forget to bring my I/C!" or "Sorry, I don't bring my I/C". Is alright, they might able to tell me the I/C no...who know "Err...can't remember my I/C no lah!"......What the age now? Still go everywhere without an I/C? Then what the I/C is for? Would suggest to frame it up & display in the guest (bed) room?
4. So annoyance
Some customers knew that his (her) house-maid's 2 years work permits will expired very soon, e.g 25 March 08. They never want to renew it earlier until the date 25/3 falls, then they now willing to rush here & there to do the Foreign Worker Examination, and hope that we can provide (s)he an instant report...but sorry to inform, the fastest only can be ready by next day evening (e.g 2:30 P.M). So they have been told the time report be ready. Who know the next day morning just 10:30A.M they have called in ask for the report, and later one call every 1/2 to 1 hour. Can you imagine, each call we tell them over & over that the report be out at around 2:30P.M, but why they just seem like a deaf still keep calling non-stop?
5. So Nonsense
Amei79: Can I help you?
Nonsense: How much is your full screening?
Amei79: RM120 for 45 tests.
Nonsense: Why so expensive? "this" lab & "that" lab only RM80...
Amei79: May be different test contents or they having promotion....blah blah blah
Nonsense: No No No, exactly the same package, is normal rate, I go there many times before...
Amei79: Here is RM100. So would you like to proceed or do it in other labs?
Nonsense: Just do it here lah...what to do since Im already here & fasted!
(Pls: if the "this" or "that" lab just 5 minutes walk from my office, what would be your best
Anyway, I learnt a lot from the front line services, especially the communication & socialization skills, which being an important & powerful tool build up the relationship & networking in order for us to step forward to the gate of success.


Anonymous said...

"especially the communication & socialization skills" - Haha, but communicating too much with such customers will kill you. LOL, call every few minutes to check whether ready. Funny lah, they all.. and banyak masa.

And the nonsense one.. haiyo, if cheaper other place, go there lah! Can say "i go there many times" somemore. :P

BYE! Have a good working life!

p.s. Customer is always right. But sometimes they deserve some whacking. XD

Unknown said...


u must be brave to tell them what's on ur mind..
honesty is the best solution.

Unknown said...

lol~ meet some of those kind of ppl lately when my shift @ counter, & mostly them are aunties.
sometime really feel LOL & SWT cuz they are so stubborn to listen to u.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

my manager.. you forgot to say that it's darn annoying to have some clients thought that they were celebrities...
"may i have your IC, for registration purposes?"
"No need la~ I have records here one~~"
yea yea... we have a lot of records here... if you were Brad Pitt or Chow Yun-Fatt, i might know you...>_<

Anonymous said...

u r rite...for me, regular customers are really tough to handle.

If im the boss, i'll.
but im mkn gaji...sometime to direct get to the point can make them feel unhappy, if they direct complain to the management is ok, but what of to other potential customer crowd.

i think the concept of "customer always right, customer is king/queen" make them so stubborn.

龟龟? interesting nickname...
u r rite, 风水轮流转...but u see so funny, we dislike such kind of customers, but sometimes we are their gang too who have the same behave...lolz

so whenever i wanna get ic from them, i will tell them that i may need ur i/c to trace back the record.