Friday, March 28, 2008

Tag by Orange

Sorry for no update in my blog these few days, due to I have went to attend my younger sister's wedding dinner in Bintulu (25th - 27th March 08). Another reason is not in time to finish the editing of my next post before went outstation...haha. Luckily I have been tagged by a blogger who love Apple, so at least I have something to update my blog while awaiting my new post to ready.

List Out The Top 5 Presents You Wish For:
1. House, any kind of house, as long as not a unite in a flat or condominium
aa(only will be in consideration if is for investment purpose).
2. Books (Categories of Management, Financial, Motivation, Business…etc)
3. Laptop or Notebook, Apple Mac so far so good
4. 3 in 1 printer (with printing, photocopying & scanning features)
5. Air Ticket, I love travelling very much.
The Person Who Tagged Me Is:
Your 5 Impressions Of Him/Her:
I have no idea as I never see or chat with him before. So it is so hard for my to list you 5 impression of him. I only knew that he is like me, from Kuching. He love
Apple very much & if not mistaken, he is an expert in IT.
Most Memorable Things He/She Has Give/Done For You
None so far, does this “tag” count?
The Most Memorable Words He/She Said To You
Orange, please say something to me…ok?
If He/She Becomes Your Lover, You Will
Give him back to
Apple, as I believe she is the only person who will treat him nice! Please correct me if Im wrong.
If He/She Becomes Your Enemy, The Reason Will Be
Hmm, he won’t be my enemy as long as I don’t manage to grab an
Apple from him…:p
Pass The Quiz To 5 People That You Wish To Know How They Feel About You:
Nux V
She owns 4 blogs actually, the one that I visit most often is
utopiastaging, the rest very rarely, as the not as frequence as the blog I mentioned above. She blogs about everything, mostly on her personal life. She just tagged me few days ago (will post it up soon), so Im going to tag her back...:p
If not mistaken, she is a mum of a son. Like other bloggers, she blog more on personal life. She likes doing tag(s), she has tagged me for 4 times. Now is time for me to tag her back, hope she enjoy doing this tag.
She is my senior in USMKK. She has just shift her blog from friendster blog to blogspot not long ago. She blog more on her personal life with her very own thought. She is still single & she seem like to stay single. Wanna know why? Then please read one of her post "I am turning into a dinasour". Interesting blog she had.
Err...A mum of 2 kids who very active in blogging life, she blog more on her personal life, especially on her family & 2 lovely kids. This is a place she shows us her love & care to her kids & family. She seem like doing tag(s) too, that why Im tagging her...: )
She is from Ipoh Perak, a newbie in blogging life. She actually is my colleague who work in HQ as a account staff. Hope she enjoy doing the tag too...
1. Who Is No.3 Having Relationship With?
She is still single, so vacancy available
2. Who Is No.5 Having Relationship With?
She is still single too.
3. If No.3 And No.2 Are Together, Will It Be A Good Thing?
No, they are both female, unless they are lesbian
4. What About No.4 And No.5?
No good news too, they are not lesbian.
5. What Is No.3 Studying?
She is a dietitionist.
6. When Is The Last Time You Chatted Wit No.5?
Hmm, last week i think, via outlook express (email).
7. Does No.4 Work?
Hmm, I have no idea. Probably she is a housewife.
8. Do You Have Any Cousin In His/Her Own School?
I don't think so.
9. Will U Be With No.1?
Err…I wish to but Im in relationship already... : )
10. How About No.5?
Hmm, sorry Im in relationship...
11. Does No.2 Have Any Siblings?
No idea, never ask her.
12. How Did U Get To Know About No.2 And No.4?
Through blog hopping.
13. Where Does No.1 Live At?
Not mention in her profile, somewhere in Malaysia.
14. How Did U Get To Know No.2?
Please refer to No 12.
15. Is No.5 The Sexiest Person In The World?
I don't think so, but she can be if she wants to be...


Unknown said...

Very interesting tag.Thank you!
I got a new domain for my blog.Can you please change it to on your blogroll please.Thank you :)

Nux V said...

thanks for tagging me ;-)
btw, i hav done it way before u tag me..hehehe

does tis count?

Anonymous said...

hope u like the tag. between, ur URL amended, 10s for the remind.

nux v:
Yup, of courses, as long as u have do the tag...:)

Apple said...

Haha..the answers are cute ^^
And the orange pic is nice :P

Anonymous said...

10s 4 the compliment...
have a nice day!