Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Saturday Night with "The Mist"

I like watching movie very much, especially those action, horror & comedy movies (love movies occasional lah), I'll never miss it. Of course, it is impossible to watch all the movies in the cinema, so only sellected & worthy movies to watch in the cinema, the rest to play with pirated VCD or DVD.
Last night I just went to have a movie "The Mist" 《迷雾惊魂》in Star Cineplex with Fern. "The Mist", a movie directed by Frank Darabont, mainly star by Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden & Alexa Davalos. Although there is nothing special or new in the story line, it is a nice movie & worth to have a watch in the cinema. After finished the movie, my feeling was messy & complicated, as the feeling of happy & upset come at the same time. Why?
Movie Poster of "The Mist"
I like & happy with its ending, as it is much different from other movies which with the same category or story line; the ending was out of my expectation. I thought the Thomas Jane & others will finally find a solution to solve & terminate the problem rised, but he isn't......!
A scene in "The Mist" (grab from
At the same time, I really dislike the ending, it was a sad ending. While Thomas Jane with other 4 persons (include his son) are trying to get assistance from the outside in a vehicle in the mist with hidden dangerous, the mission failed as the vehicle is running out of the fuel. When they were dismay & thought that there is no way out, they decided to end up 5 lifes with 4 shoots............(to know the whole story, please watch the movie )............Thomas Jane remain alive & he just found that the "Mist" is just over with the rescue from the army teams.......!
My Words:
The moral of the story I learnt from "The Mist" is that, no matter how never surrender under any circumstance or to any one easily. As been taught by most celebrities --- "All the troubles rised must at least with a reason & a solution to fixed".
Never ever give up! (Have you see this picture before?)
The most simple reason that we mustn't give up --- we don't know when the un-desirable will turn into desirable; we will never know how far is the hope or success apart from might be still far apart, very soon, or almost happen. If it is almost happen, but you just so impatience & can't wait & have just gave up, than it would be end up with a sadness & regrettable consequence.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lesson learnt from the movie. I always remind myself that try all my best and do not give up so easily.

Lee Chien said...

wow.. i wish i can watch it..

since i come back to kch, i nvr been to cinema yet... hahaha...

Anonymous said...

but if u are not moving ahead at all, then u need to change ur approach because that's not "your best effort". if u still not moving after changing different approaches, then give up.

dare to quit. :) quit is not for loser

Anonymous said...

sadness isn't necessarily a bad thing rite?
The more reason for me not to give up now

Orange said...

so deep meaning meh this movie, hmm LeeChien can ask Apple to watch with u neh...

xniquet said...

my thoughts on giving up:

failure only occurs when you give up. before that you are still in the running for anything, eg: going after a married women. XD


Lee Chien said...

orange, hahaha... i'll ask apple de!

amei79 said...

welcome...u can be a superwomen...haha

lee chien:
now-a-day, i seldom go cinema too, as my GF must sleep inside one...:p

alvin lim:
u have the point...we must dare to give & take!

sadness sometime can be an energy to push us ahead...depent on how our thinking is: +ve or -ve?

how bout u? u don wanna join them meh?
watch it & assume that u r thomas jane, u will know the feeling.

if u fail to plan, u plan to give up not the only reason why failure occured.

lee chien:
u & apple seem like wacth movie(s) very much oh...plan to wacth 10,000bc aft work.