Friday, April 18, 2008

Speechless & Wordless Communication

The ability in socialization has an influence either directly or indirect onto our personal life, career & future. You will found that we may hard to survive or may even suffering if we lack of advantage of socialization in the modern time, which everything is emphasis on the teamwork.
It may be personally important, especially for those who are active in their daily life or those who trying hard to escape from the boredom. They need to socialize with the known person or strangers in order to bring them more fun, happiness, & excitement. Unless you are having autism, or you may no need to do this.
It plays an important role too in term of career, especially for those who are in the professions of education, marketing, front-line services, mass media & etc. If you are self-employ, you are in a need to learn how to socialize with all kind of people too, with the purpose is to build up a social relationships & networking, in order to promote yourself, your product & your services to the public which may one day turn into your potential customers crowd.
Anyway, we must at first equiped ourselve with a good & effective communition skill prior to build up a healthy social relationships & networking. But some time, no matter how well are we in the communication, we may still be in trouble & so frustrated especially when talking with a person who seem mindless & annoyance . I hate to communicate with the person who has the following characteristics:
Type 1
A: Can you tell me Toyota is from which country?
B: Made in Japan.
A: Don't lie lah please! which country?
B: Believe me, is from Japan.
A: You think Im stupid)?!! Come on don't play play, which country?
B: Ok-ok, made in Korea.
A: Can you be serious? Don't lie lah, Im not stupid, k?
B: ............... [ saying in silent mode: Idiot! ]
This kind of person keep asking us a question, but never want to accept & appreciate our answer(s). I just wonder, if they don't believe us or they still think that they are smarter, what the point they come to ask an advice from us? They tend to behave like an idiot!
Type 2
A: Do you know what is BRIC stand for?
B: I don't know. A: You must know one, tell me please.
B: No, I don't know.
A: Come on, don't like this, tell me.
B: I really I don't know
A: Why you so selfish, tell me lah!
B: I swear I don't know
A: So shit, I know you know, tell me now!
B: Ok-ok, is British, Romania, Indonesia & Cuba.
A: Don't simply say, I know you lie.
B: ............... [ saying in silent mode: Kanasai! ]
Type 2 qutie similiar to Type 1, as they seem not believe us, but still approach us to have an advice. But they think we are GOD, who know everything; or may be they think that we are selfish, never want to care or share?
Type 3
A: How many sibling do you have?
B: 3 brothers 1 sister
A: What are they doing now?
B: Both of them still studying.
A: How about your dad & mum, do what har?
B: My dad is doctor, mum is housewife. How about you?
A: ......[ look here & there ]......Have you done your homeworks?
B: Yup. Can tell me a little bit about your family?
A: ............ [ look here & there, pretend not listen the query ]
This kind of person seem so selfish & secret, they love to hear & get to know of others' personel stuffs or privacy, but never willing to reveal theirs one to other people. In short, you shouldn't hope that they will share you even a single shit, as they only wanna be a good listener.
Type 4
A: Have you take your lunch?
B: Yes, eaten.
A: What you order?
B: Chicken rice & apple juice.
A: Nice ah?
B: Quite delicious, like it very much.
A: Where ah?
B: XXX cafe.
A: Where is the location?
B: Center Point, next to XXX supermarket.
A: Who is the owner ah?
B: Heard people called him Along.
A: Does he a local people?
B: Don't know.
A: Doest he married?
B: I think so.
A: How many child does he have?
B: Don't know.
A: Where did he stay har?
B: ............[ saying in the silent mode: busy only with your own business lah! ]
I think they read too lots of detective novels, so they tend to "interrogate" someone as a person who involved in a criminal. Or they seem like wanna explore others' properties, in mandarin we call it "问家产"! They can have a series of non-stop questions which derived from the first question they asked or the first answers we gave. To avoid this happen is to not simply answer their question(s).


Apple said...

Quite true. These kind of people is all around us. @@

levian said...

annoying when they wanna know more without revealing theirs !! so unfair ..

Anonymous said...

Hi nice blog you had. you have an interesting life there. best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Silence annoys certain group of people. They rather keep the conversation going than to keep quiet sitting next to someone. Probably that is why that decide to be an idiot and ask all sorts of annoying questions.
Btw, i think I'm type3 in real life..

Nux V said...

i got to encounter such people....really dunno how to react with them sometimes..

Anonymous said...

Ya, im just not patient enough to hang with them.

u r right, why should us if they dont?

mei mei:
10s for dropping by & the compliment. tq

they talk too much, but some talk to good or bad, we will never know...

nux v:
may be can just keep quiet?