Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A "Fool" or A "Truth"?


If one day, your boyfriend girlfriend or hubby wife has thousand reasons that he she can't accompany you, and make a statement that he is busy having fun or making love with other girl guy. The statement is made on "April Fool" (1/4), so what would be your first respond or reaction? Just treat it as a joke and a fool? Or no matter how & what, you surely will try to check it if it is a joke or a truth?
How about if you found that he she is really on a bed with a girl guy (either naked or wearing clothes) but they are neither look shocked nor nervous when they saw you, and just act like nothing with saying of "Hi, surprise...Happy April Fool..." to you? So what would be your next reaction & action?
Have you been fool yesterday? No, I don't. Happy Belated April Fool...!!!


lasilasi said...

hmmmm i couldn't imagine what i would do at all if this kind of thing happen man... but then if i m really that unfortunate, i guess i'd take down a picture (note: i ALWAYS have my camera with me =P), bring it to the court, get a divorce and get my compensation. No point crying for a man like that isn't it? >.<

yipguseng said...

hahahha, i think this thing can't be taken as april fool :P coz nobody will see it as an april fool joke

Yinsi said...

Luckily the wife didn't throw a bottle at the lady! Happy April fool! wakakaka

Jayce said...

April Fool also cannot do this la... :P

Amei79 said...

I also couldn't imagine what to do if it happen to me...but one thing 4 sure, as u wont cry, me too...:p

I think some open minded people will accept such a joke...not 4me.

Hmm, why should a bottle but not other thing? n why should throw at the lady, not at the bf/hubby?

I dont know if there any people will do this on 1/4...i think there should be...