Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Return of The cj7

Have you watch the cj7 which was on the screen in the cinemas nationwide during CNY 08? Or are you a fan of the Stephen Chow or cj7? If so, Im sure you will like the below stuff too......Any idea what is that? Yes, it is cute --- Fresh Cream cj7 Cake!

We saw this fresh cream cj7 Cake in a Baker Shop --- Hot Cross Buns at Pelita Commercial Centre. There were three inside the fridge, and all have been booked by somebody. Are they cute? May be you can try to find out if any Baker Shop nearby your house area got such cj7 cakes? May be you can buy one for someone whose birthday is coming soon?



v i v i a n said...

really a de cj7 cake... i think it has become a trend... you can even see cj7 toy everywhere...

usws said...

Wow, it must have took them quite a while to do the fur effect thingy. Hmm, RM57 doesn't sound too bad though, putting all that effort into account. Or is that RM87. LOL!


p.s. Too cute to eat lah.

Jayce said...

Cute... Is it yummy?

Apple said...'s so cute. I haven't watch CJ7.

Hazel said...

hi, a simple Pink Heart Tag for u. Have a nice weekend!

curryegg said...

This is a cake? How did they do that? Wow... amzing leh... haha.. if it's mine, I will not eat it.. put it as decoration instead. lol..

Steven Goh said...

Yumm, nice... I bet the kiddo will love it. Mum will become more headache as the cream are flying everywhere.

BB COMMUNITY said... cute la this cj7~

amei79 said...

Ya, cj7 toys can c everywhere now, they are cute.

I 4got 2 look at the price lah...i think should be around RM58.

it should be, i think...:P

hmm, cj7 no more on the screen lah, perhaps u have to watch dvd.

10s for the tag, posted.

dont think it can tahan lama...instead let it basi, better u give it to me, i eat for u...lolz

steven goh:
i think most of the adults love the cream too, not only kid...then we have to worry ourselve in getting obese....:)

bb community:
ya,it is cute.

iZack.Chin said...

so cute. must go n buy

Amei79 said...

sure u can, but do u know where to go n buy?

QuaChee said...

golly, looks like a real soft toy! :) must be a big hit amongst the kids!

Amei79 said...

Hmm...i think so...but need to carry up a survey 1st.