Monday, April 21, 2008

Naive cum Innocent

Last Sunday after 1/2 day work, I went to have my lunch at QQ Cafe (Pelita Commercial Centre) with Fern, Ching, & Ching's KL friend. Whilst we were enjoying our meals, we heard the below conversation between a waiter (a teenager) & a female customer who just sit a table next to us: ~
待应: 要来点吃的吗?我们的手工板面不错哦,里面有放两粒水饺和两粒肉丸。
食客: 就这样而已?没有啦?
待应: 唔---还有一些些的树子菜和江鱼仔。
食客: 好, 那有干面吗?
待应: 当然有!
食客: 里面放什么?
待应: 有一些些的肉碎.......
Waitera a: Any order? our hand-made noodle is not bad, with 2 dumplings & 2 meat balls.
Customer: Thats all? No more?
Waitera a: Err----still got some manicai (sayur cangkuk manis) & dried fishes too (ikan bilis).
Customer: Okie, how about "Mi Kering"? (dry noodle)
Waitera a: Of course we have.
Customer: Got what inside the noodle?
Waitera a: Got some crushed meat......
Nothing wrong with the conversation above actually, just the way the waiter promote the hand-made noodle is too funny & naive, isn't it? 4 of us just can't hold our laughes after the waiter has walked away to make an order for the girl. Oh~so poor, it caused me choked by the chilli sauce somemore... : (
Well, in my opinion, it is not a proper way to promote a bowl of hand-made noodle. He was just too honest & direct; he suppose to skip up certain information, I think? E.g the quantity of dumpling & meat ball added into the noodle? If you are the waiter, how would you promote the same bowl of hand-made noodle?


Anonymous said...

I am ok with the conversation with the waiters le.. honest not good meh.?

Lee Chien said...

i think he already tried to explain what he knows and sees..

JK said...

He's obviously not a sales person. A sales person would speak til you purchase.

bp said...

Hehe, the waiter is so detailed, precise! That's the first I've seen, heard I mean! Good thing the customer did go on to order the dried version!

Anonymous said...

Err...depend on what the situation we are in...some products we must emphasis on the quantity, but not suitable 4 food or drink, unless customer ask 4 it, but very unlikely.

lee chien:
No matter how, he is better than those people who just keep queit even there is a need for them to say something...

as a promoter or sale representative, main point is to let the customers (clients) have a better understanding, comment or impression on a product or service, so that if they dont buy this time, they may buy in the next round.

i wont buy, as 4me, only 2 meat balls + dumplings seem very little [im eating hand-made noodle that moment...:p].

Hazel said...

i think he is too honest, but this is good cause we won't get cheat.

levian said...

haha. that is definitely a "failed" introduction. i guess the waiter is too honest or "pure" in heart ?? my my .. XD

thanks for the link exchange !! i've added yours as well. ;)

Katherine said... first I didn't find anything funny at the conversation--until you mentioned the meatballs and dumplings. :P

You're right--no need to mention the exact quantity. Good thing it's more than 1! :P

Anonymous said...

i dont think the waiter did anything wrong...

Unknown said...

LOL!Yup I think he should promote how many quantity of meat in the noodle.If I know the noodle only have
2 dumplings & 2 meat balls I wouldn't order it.:)

Anonymous said...

Anyway too honest not always good too, different condition has different tactics to handle.

But sad, now we hard to fine a teenager with a "pure heart"...hihi
U welcome.

宝茹 :
we can mention the quantity if other places sell the noodle with 1 dumpling & 1 meat ball at the same price, that will becomes an attractive point.

u r right, he did nothing wrong! just like levian said above---he has a "pure heart".

then how many of dumpling & meat ball only will u order it? for me, 3 acceptable lah...haha