Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Thank You"

Do you know how to say "Thank You"?
In what kind of situation there is a need to say "Thank You"?
Do you just keep silent even though you know that you must say "Thank You"?
Quite sometime ago, I went out for dinner with Fern & her friend, Hwei Chen. After dinner we hang up in Parkson Grand (Bintang Plaza, Miri). I wonder why, whenever they go to Parkson, Watson & Gardiant are the must visit place, even though they don't have any intention or mood to buy any thing. Let back to the main point...
Of course most time they did buy some girlish stuffs, and of course I have toFern's bills are paid by me (sometime only lah...don't wanna spoiled her mah...:p ). As usual after paid the bill & get back the change from the cashier, I used to say "Thank You". Who know Hwei Chen look at me with her rounded eyes & asked me loudly & curiously: "Why you say TQ to her? You pay her the money hor...". Before Im in time to answer her question, Fern added: "Yaloh, why you say TQ?" Me: "............!" If you are in my situation, would you say "Thank You" to the cashier?

Some people think that it is not logic for us customers to say "Thank You" to a casher, as we pay him/her the money, by right a casher should say "Thank You" to us customers, as he/she earn our money. Actually the reason why should we say "Thank You" to the casher is very simple, but us customers just tend to be so ignorent & innocent, never want to find it out "why"? May be just like what Buddha has said, the word "I" or "Me" (我) has makes us become so selfish, only thinking of our own good & neglect the feelings of others; or again the "Customer is Alway Right" or "The Customer is The King" has makes us spoiled? Or may be we tend to think & analyse thing(s) laterally instead of bilaterally? [ Don't forget, a coin always has 2 sides, the head & the tail ]
An example, If I drop you a comment into your post entries / blog, most people will agree that you should thanks me; then, should I thanks you? Of course, but for what? ...... Nothing, just for giving me a chance to left a comment into your post / blog, thats all! So now, can you understand why should we say "Thank You" to the cashier? Just because of he/she provides us the product(s) or service(s)...! If you still think that not logic or proper for us to thanks the cashier, it is fine, say "Welcome" instead... : )


Apple said...

I always say "Thank you" to the cashier when he/she gives me the change. I don't feel weird. Think it this way, he/she is giving you back the change, not so hard to thank him/her right?

I was once a cashier in a very short term just before I further my studies in college. The customers always have the mindset of "Customer is Alway Right" or "The Customer is The King"...this is so sick and they also, won't say thank you. =(

JK said...

Me too. I would say thank you to the cashier. Well, there is nothing wrong, really.

Annie Q said...

Hi Amei, "WELCOME" to my boring blog. hahahha See i don't said "thanks" for dropping by my blog since u said "give u a chance to left a comment into my blog". :)

Oh..glad to know another Sarawak blogger, I'm also Sarawakian!!

Anonymous said...

i say thank you to the cashier if i think they give good service (or not bad service also).
i think it's polite to do so. and thanking them for their service. not only cashier, but to waiter and whoever who serves u..

Rose world said...

Hi! I always say thank you when i am not suppose too. I say thank you to cashier. maybe i get used to say those 2 words. I am teaching my little gal to say them too. so far, so good.

Mrs Chong said...

I don't know why but I always say thank you. For cashier, probably cause they gave us the service. When I take change, I always say thank you. And before I leave the counter as well. I have this habit of saying thank you and sorry all the time.

Anonymous said...

Here in the States people are sometimes rude... they dont really have manners... ;o/

Anonymous said...

I will say thank you normally if people give me something..

levian said...

i do say "thank you" too. especially to those who doesn't seemed happy behind the cashier counter. who knows i might just brighten up their day maybe just a little ?? ;)

would you be interested in exchanging links ?? :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this post!

Anonymous said...

Actually we have been taught to say "TQ" since primary school, but seem still lot of people dont know this practice.

Ya, it is so comment, if it has been a habit.

annie q:
Wow fast learning sarawakian ya...haha

Me too....err~~did i say TQ to those who provided bad services?...I'll, but at the same time will fill in the questionair form if availabled.

if we have adapted to it, we will never forget to say TQ, just like the "sorry" too.

ping ping:
sometime i no need to know why, as long as it is a good habit, just keep it up...:p

different in education system? doesnt matter, as long as we are not one of them...

It is a good practice, learn how to say "sorry" also quite important.

u r right, as most of us like our effort been appreciated by others. as u wish linked. TQ

TQ for dropping by & the comment...haha