Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Shop, I Think, I Learn at PIKOM

The PIKOM PC fair was held in Miri Indoor Stadium on 18/4 - 23/4. My colleague, Beatrix said that there is a laptop sell at quite reasonable rate, she wants to buy one for her brother, Bryan. I never manage to have a visit though, anyway at last I were there too on the last day of PC fair, as her statement really make me tempted...~Sigh~
Hmm...there was really "People Mountain People Sea" (crowded with people). I'm not interest in those people, so I & Fern just busy with our own business by seeking high & low, to search out the laptop mentioned by Beatrix earlier. Finally we found it, it was at the corners of Boulevard IT. By right, Beatrix & Bryan were there too, awaiting their new laptop to arrive from the warehouse.
Okie, the laptop was ACER Aspire 4715Z, at the net price of RM1,999. As you can read on the label:
~ Intel Pentium dual-core processor T2370 (1.73 GHz, 533 MHz FSB, 1 MB L2 Cache)
~ 14.1" WXGA Acer CrystalBrite LCD
~ Windows Vista Home Basic
~ Up to 252 MB Mobile Intel Graphic Media Accelerator X3100
~ 1 GB DDR2
~ 120 GB HDD
~ DVD-Super Multi DL
~ 802.11 b/g WLAN

Well, they had 2 promo-package A & B. Package A free one Lexmark Printer, sorry forgot which model, never mind, I'm not interest in it. So Package B been chosen ( ha~ha~ I bought one too mah), the cheap free gifts (the price label not been remove) that inclusive in the package are 2GB PenDrive, Optical Mouse, Cooler Pack, Screen Cleaner Pack, Software (which enable PC read your face as a password to log in), & DiGi RM50 Post-paid package (So shit! Been cheated, the promotion with free line registration which available at anytime & anywhere also count as free gift???)
Just noticed that the Processor is only Pentium 1.73 GHz, would it be too out-dated? With the 1GB DDR2, can it help any in the speed? Between the laptop seem takes too much time on log-in and shut-down the windows. ~Sigh~ a I have to admit that I'm an IT idiot; I'm so -dated in those high & advance technology stuffs. I never can tell neither the latest HP model of Nokia, Sony-Ericson, Motorola nor Samsung. Be honest, the latest Nokia HP model I knew is just up to N95. a I don't know there is a thing called PDA, until my office boy bought one quite sometime ago; I Don't know there is a thing called GameBoy, until Fern's nephew (only primary school) bought one in Nov 07; I don't know there is a thing called mp3 modulator for car, until I bought one (RedFox branded) on 23 April 08... :p

Can you imagine, whenever the promoter tell that this is better and that is good, this is latest and that is newt, this is worth & that is cheap, this is more advance than that and blah~blah~blah~~~I can only react like an idiot, with limited response like "Oh", "Ya", "Ok", "Is It?", "I know", "I understand"......So at the last, I buy this and not buy that because of the promoter ask me to buy this not to buy that mah...lolz. I'm just like a piece, under other's control.

Or I just practice the "Monkey See Monkey Do" strategy, follow others tails (steps), I buy what they buy. The reason is pretty simple, as I believe that among those many people who buy, there must be at least one person who expert & familiar with that stuff, isn't it sound logic? And sometime I even have a stupid thinking: so what if I have made a wrong decision or mistake? I'm not alone, there are lots of people up there who make the same mistake too! So just learn from the mistake loh, isn't eldery said "吃一堑 , 长一智" ? [ Experience is The Mother of All Wisdom ]... :)

Now I'm thinking, why not I get an advise from those who are expert first, or just bring them along with me when go to buy something(s) which I'm not familiar of? So if you have this alternative, will you still willing to be like me? Think that the promoter will be nice & honest to me (they may be)? Think that the so called "Majority" is always right? Will you behave like me?

We can never become smarter than before if we always pretend that we are smart (clever) at all times; we can never learn much things if we always pretend that we know everything; we can never be updated if we always affraid other people might sneer on us of being so out-dated. In short, we are not multi-talent, so we must dare to ask & kine to learn from other people!


Anonymous said...

aiya modulator you also don't know? last time i posed this before on my blog. Tell you something, you can use your modulator at your car and then try to switch the same frequency, both car can listen the same song.
I tried before :D

Anonymous said...

walau...the acer laptop.
Twice as powerful as mine and twice as cheap compared to mine..

Apple said...

I suggest you to add another 1GB DDR2, as you are running Vista, may help in speed.

levian said...

wow you bought quite a lot of stuff at pikom this time round !! i didn't manage to get any, again. XD

i do agree on keeping an open-mind, so that we are able to learn from others. especially with things that we ain't familiar with. it's what keeps the world an interesting place to "play" with. :p

Anonymous said...

acer, thought not good 1?
the modulator, my colleague also bought one wor...but ho...the quality very teruk :P

some songs which appear fine in the laptop...sound terribly off-sync from the car.

maybe they should create a car music player with USB !

ok, Pioneer/Sony/Clarion...i jz gave u guys an work on it

Anonymous said...

iz? how far is the distance that allow 2 cars to listen the same song?

all IT stuffs are fast in the upgrading process; today u buy an updated item, but it can be out-dated in next mth.

u meant upgrade the RAM to 2gb? windows vista stable already?

"...the world an interesting place to "play" with.."
hmm...deep thought...! haha

alvin lim:
they claim that RedFox is branded, good quality. btw, 10s for the suggestion.

Anonymous said...


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