Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beautiful vs Ugly

Let say you are in a hurry to find a love partner (whatever reason), and you are now in an appointment to meet up with 2 girls (guys) at a place at the same time. You stop walking, when you have reached a distance, which you still able to see the full figure of the 2 girls (guys) clearly. You have a short observation on them without their notice, so you can make a final decision to proceed with or to escape from date. Following are the possible results of the observation: ~
1. Both of them are beautiful (handsome)

2. One is beautifu(handsome) & one is ugly

3. Both of them are ugly

From the 3 situations [ (1),(2),(3) ] above, in which situation you are more likely to proceed with the date or in which situation you are more likely to escape from the date? I guess most of us will never have a long hesitation to proceed with the date if we are in situation (1), or to escape from the date if we are in the situation (3). However, we may need a while of consideration if we are in situation (2). Is it right? Well, this may reflect that us human like the beautiful and dislike the ugly, love the good and hate the bad, happy to be rich and sad be poor...etc
So how about you? What are the criteria or requirements will be in the consideration when you are looking for a "White Snow Princess" or "Mr Right"? She must be charming, beautiful, slim and sexy and etc? (Or he must be charming, handsome, athletic, macho and etc?) .
I do believe now-a-day there been a big change in our thinking, perception & insight. We no longer only care on the external look when looking for a love partner, we take account on their internal gentility, attitude, behaviour, interest, family background & etc too. Hmm, does it meant we have even more choosy and picky on our love partner?
Anyway, I'm sure that most time the external look still at the first place to be considered & evaluated, follows by other criteria & requirements. Why should physical look supersede the others? Isn't all human being are creations of the so called "GOD", then each individual must have its unique & special. But why those who with beautiful face or body shape tend to be more attractive?
What is so different between the "beautiful" & "ugly"? I think they should be the same. Do you know why? Okie, I used to call "ugly" as "simple". You will know why if you ever tried to draw the portrait of a human face, isn't an ugly face is easier & simple to be drawn compare to a beautiful face? Between you must always heard people say that "Simple is Beautiful" (简单是美)? So what a conclusion you can make?
Since, Ugly = Simple
And Simple = Beautiful
So, Ugly = Beautiful
Well, you see? From the mathematics equation above, "Ugly is Beautiful"!



walao eh, wat kind of formula is that? Wahaha~

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Unknown said...

hey nice post! if we are really in a hurry, well no. 1 it will be. but if we can take some time, then i think knowing one person better is more important. act, beautiful or ugly is always in the eye of the beholder :)

and these 'ugly' ppl on no. 3 are actually beautiful (haha, u got those on their bad hair days) :)

Apple said...

"I'm sure that most time the external look still at the first place to be considered & evaluated, follows by other criteria & requirements."

Impression wise, you sure want to be with someone that you 看顺眼 right? Everyone has different definition for beauty. So it depends on oneself. However, I prefer choosing the other half true feeling, not on the physical look. Everyone gets old some day. Beauty can't remain forever.

Nice post that trigger thoughts.

Katherine said...

My philosophy has always been--beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :)

Physically beautiful people may not be so beautiful inside anyway.

Anonymous said...

bb community:
haha...every1 can create his/her own formula and philosophy...of coz u can too.

sometime those "ugly" did attract our attention on them too, as the hairstyle, wearing, body movement...etc can make them look comfort & nice

my colleague said that, if we r attracted or fall in love to someone who is nice looking (especially girls) since 1st meet, make sure that they are not make-up, or else u will never can recognize her in the next day...lolz

u r right...that y soo may couples broke out after a short period they go they have discovered the "ugly" inside.