Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If I Can Read Your Mind

How nice it would be if we can communicate with a new born baby, so that we can understand & try to fulfill their needs whenever they are crying or making noise. But we can't, as babies need time to learn our language & learn how to talk. So most of the time what we can do is just to monitor & guess what their need(s) from their every single body movement.

Fern has a 3 months old nephew, he is so cute but rarely show us his smiling face even though we have tried hard to make him smiles...: ) Anyway he does smile oftenly in the dream whenever he is asleep ( I think most babies tend to smile in the dream, but wonder why? Are they really having a sweet & nice dream? ).

Just not long ago, we noticed that he is just abit funny & weird! We are so curious why besides smile in the dream, he tend to smile sweetly & happily, not to us, but whenever he stares on the "Rat" (CNY Graphic Decoration) on the wall?

We don't see the "Rats" are either moving or talking, then what is so funny that make him smile so happily? He even seem so excited when we try to bring him closer to the "Rats"......This baby who born in Rat Year 08 seem so friend to the "Rats"!




Hazel said...

hi, a simple tag for u..have a nice day

Apple said...

oh..a baby rat? Means he is 12 years younger than me :P

Anonymous said...

10s for the tag...will post it up soon.

OMG, what happen to u, u forgot ur age? u should be 24 years older than this baby, right? lolz
I think the baby will smile too if he looking on u...both born in rat year...