Thursday, July 10, 2008

Know or Don't Know

阿美: 还有500M才到你家, 为何现在就解开安全带?

阿芬: 不用担心, 交警从不在地段设路障的.
阿美: 哪你认为在机上系上安全带是为了避免"空警"开"Saman"咯?
阿芬: 我相信你会好好驾车的
阿美: 谢谢! 但其他驾驶者可没向你保证呀?
阿芬: 放心啦! 离家那么近, 没事的啦
阿美: 有道理, 以后你在何处解开安全带, 我就在那处放你下车, 如何?
阿芬: 别这样......
阿美: 放心啦! 离家那么近, 走路回家总没事的啦!
阿芬: .................. -_-'''
My Words:

There must be a reason why an incident is happening; and the other way round, there must be at least a reason why we DO or DON'T do somethings.
Please try to recall & analyse, if there any thing that you do it without any reason, or you don't know the reason? Or may be you know the reason, but the known reason seem not a reason?
Ya, very often we do something without knowing the "why"? We DO because of other people DO, and we DON'T because of other people DON'T! In short we just simply and blindly follow other people "foot step", without knowing the real reason. When time past by, all practices will slowly become part of the custom and culture in our daily life. So here goes an interesting story:
One day, a young guy is observing his mother cooking the fishes. Suddenly a "?" came into his mind, so he asked his mum curiously: " Why mum always chop off the fish's head & tail before cook it? " His mum answered: "I don't know why, but my mum, your grandmother practices this too." So the young guy go to approach his grandma and asked: " Why before cook the fish, we must chop off its head & tail?" Grandma said: " I have no idea, I just follow what my mum did." Luckily, the young guy's grand-grandmother still alive, so he still got the chance to ask his grand-grandmother on this matter. Grand-grandmother told him that:" Oh, this is because of last time, we were too poor to buy a pan which enough big to cook a fish, so we have to chop off the head & tail!"
Or sometime we have the wrong perception on why we DO and why we DON'T! Just like in the dialog above, Fern though that fasten the seat belt in a running car is to prevent from getting compound by traffic police, while the real & main reason is for safely! Another good example is that when we ask someone to be smart in using the plan A4 paper, and to re-use the used A4 paper which has one page blank. They will answer us that no point to save the paper, they are afford to buy another ream...Well, our main objective is to go-green & recycle (environmental protection).
Don't know what we knew & understood is actually a wrong perception is so un-worthwhile; Don't know what we have knew and don't know what we don't know are both awesome! To make sure we have a right perception & understanding on something, we must kine to learn & ask at anytime & anyplace.



Kikey Loo said...

thanks for sharing..
agree wif wat u said!

Apple said...

This is so true. Most people just follow blindly on the things that everyone do, without knowing (or maybe pure ignorance) the reason behind.

Anonymous said...

I like the picture. :P

amei79 said...

u r welcome, 10s for link me.
have link u back...:)

ya, if we stand still & stare in the blue blue sky a while, other people surrounding us will follow too...monkey c monkey do?

10s, anyway not my drawing. copy past & edit from 3 sources.

elezend said...

I enjoyed reading that story; very meaningful cause nowadays a lot of people blindly follow other people's footsteps without knowing the actual reason why and also don't have their own actual opinions.

levian said...

you .. fight with her with this matter ??

i do agree on the "following others' footsteps" part. it's like everyone feared of being left behind or some sort. but like the story mentioned, all it took is a mutual understanding.