Monday, July 28, 2008

Phuket Island Trip (2)

We on board & departed to Phuket Island on time at around 1:45P.M (13/7). That day had a fair weather with puffy cumulus clouds found scattered throughout the blue blue sky. The flying condition of the aircraft was less smooth & we experienced a series of bumpy when the aircraft flied through the clouds layers.

The fligth took 1 hour 30 mins to arrive and landed at the destination, Phuket International Airport. Arriving passengers are required to present 2 documents (passport & immigration card) at the airport immigration counter. You are required to stand in the marked square on the floor, with your head facing to the camera in front, as they wanna capture your picture into their computer system.

We took a taxi from the airport to Deevana Patong Resort & Spa, is about 45 minutes from Phuket International Airport. The taxi fee will cost you 550 bath (or RM55). On the way to the hotel, we noticed that the cars driving on the road are mainly of 2 brands, i.e Toyota & Honda, and we were sitting in a Toyota Altis at that moment. As told by the taxi driver, the market price for Toyota Altis in Thailand is around 650,000 Bath (which equal RM65,000), while in Malaysia, it is sold at nearly RM120,000! Between, the Phuket Town is crowded with motobikes too......

Once we checked in the hotel rooms, the hotel servent served us a glass of drink, at first we thougth that is was grape juice: after tasting it a little, it was actually the red wine. After we got the room keys, we quicky went to the hotel room to put down our luggage, as we wished to go out and search for the tour packages for the following 3 days nearby the Patong Beach before the sunset comes and the darkness falls.

The internal view of the hotel room

Creative decoration at the corridor of the SPA Wing, I don't know how should I call this art, may be towel-toy? Ya, they are made out of the big & small size white towels. As you can see in the picture, there were Elephant, Water Horse, Rabbits & Snake.

A Potrait Drawing Counter at the hotel lobby (operation hours: 10:00A.M to 4:30P.M). We never have chance to meet with the Artist, as we normally went out before 7:OOA.M & return after 5:00P.M. Can you recognize whose potrait are displayed there?

Deevana Patong Resort & Spa, a 3 stars hotel, located only around 10 minutes from the Patong Beach, so you can go to Patong Beach on foot if you are stay in this hotel and like to have an exercise or to save some pocket money. Or else, you can take a "Tuk Tuk" (can be considered as a taxi service, which using the mini lorry or three wheels) to the Patong Beach at 200 Bath (RM20), which for me is really expensive. Anyway, as there are many "Tuk Tuk" along the road sides, so you can ask one by one, how much is their charges? The cheapest I found was 150 Bath (RM15).

There are so many tour agents along the Patong Beach & the road sides. So you must get your self patiently and hop from one agent to another agent to compare the price offered. The price can be the same (remember this wisdom: same same but different), can be expensive or can be cheap at different agencies, anyway instead of comparing the price alone, please do compare the package contents & the additional value given too. The following are the tour packages that we have selected for the coming three days:

14 July: One Day Phi Phi Island Tour (1950 Bath or RM195/person)
15 July: One Day James Bond Island Tour (1350 Bath or RM135/person)
aaaaa aPhuket Fantasea Shows
(1400 Bath or RM140/person)
16 July: Half Day Self Arrange Visit Points City Tour (500 Bath or RM50/person)
Remark: To be continued



the picture taken from airoplane very nice la~ phuket so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

i like the 'towel toy'! very creative and nice! and nice welcome drink, wine~ expensive hotel? and our gov really tax a lot for imported car,hor! hai..