Saturday, July 5, 2008

Different Experiences

I noticed that there are some things changes on myself lately.
I sweat easily even though I only have limited body movements whenever I'm in a high humidity & poor ventilation room (with fan switched on at low speed). Of course you may think that this is a logic and common thing; for me, i rarely experience this before hence I never complain even I'm in a room with no fan, I can adapted to such environment very well.
And very often about few hours after I shower, my body will start becomes a bit sticky and smelly, even though I don't sweat! The odour from the armpits is even worst, although there are some improvements after the used of the deodorant, it sometime does makes me feel uncomfortable & embarrassing too.
I breath hardly and my body movements seem clumsy & less agile when I'm in a sitting or meditative position. Between I found that after a long period of over & over washing processes all my pants seem shrinking in the size, especially at the waist part . How can a jean pant also can be shrunk in the size?
Okie, I must face facts, yes~~~I'm gaining weight day by day, month by month, and year by year, but disagree I'm getting fatter & fatter! I still maintain the fit & athletic body type so far [ less perfect one lah of course... -_-''' ], just my tummy abit embossed (凸起).
I can't believe that since I came to work in Miri in year 2004 til now year 2008, I have gain body weight of 13KG, i.e from the 65KG increased to 78KG! And yet the major part of the body weigth increment seem started to happen within this one year back...~sigh~
You see, I yet getting plump, fat or obese, I just gaining body weight alone. Despite it has brings me an inconvenience and lots of troubles. So I just wonder how suffer and torture are them, I meant those fat & obese people who having health alert & heavy body weigth to bear; in the meantime have to be tolerate to those bad mouths & sarcastic words. In short they are definitely experienced the physical & mental torturing. So please never try to sneer at or gossiping on those people who are less perfect than us from the physical or other aspects, and try to cheer them up!


levian said...

of course not !! even if we were to look better in physical form compared to another person, it still doesn't prove us any better. Respect is essential. to laugh at another person, that exact person will be "rewarded" the same "laughter". it's a karma thingy.

Katherine said...

Yup, Levian's right! Anyway, thin people aren't necessarily healthier.

Kikey Loo said...

normally people will look at outlook first....

p/s: no.. they didn't perform 24 seasons drum!

Johnny Ong said...

i'm also very sure that u have skipped exercising altogether for good for last few years.

go exercise!

Apple said...

Time to lose some weight, dude. :)
You can do it.

Unknown said...

Me too. Gambatte.

foongpc said...

Of course we should not laugh at fat people or criticise them, but first impression counts, so it's still better to lose weight. It's also not just an issue of appearance but of health.

Oh btw, thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you'll try my tips - I'm pretty sure you'll lose weight if you follow them! Let me know the results if you do try them : )

Deimos Tel`Arin said...

Perhaps you need to exercise more often?

Well, there are other ways to lose weight but I believe regularly exercising plus healthy diet is a more healthy option.

For myself, I used to be "not skinny" but after too much work stress at my previous company, I became skinny and is unable to regain back those lost weight and the "not skinny" figure. -_-

Nux V said...

haha...gaining so much weight??
a sign of wealth! kikihkih...
i loss 4 kg since the past 6 months...not because of slimming program...

amei79 said...

levian e.g as those people with less perfect physical can be better & greater than us in other aspects, so they can laugh us back in certain aspect too...

good point, just like me gaining weigth, but still heathly... :P
those slim on can be unhealthy than those fat people...

so most time we need time to observe, b4 make any judgement on a person.

johhny ong
so far only play badminton every mon, wed & fri...not enough, jogging is the best.

haha...gambate in gaining weight or loss weight? -_-'''

10s for dropping by too.
So far i try skip supper, junk foods, and exercise to loss weight.

ya, u r rite, instead of play badminton alone, need go for jogging which more effective in lossing weight.

Some people gaining weight when stress comes as they eat lot & lots. Wow so admire u ler...

nux v
A sign of wealth? -_-'''
How u lost ur weight, pls share share abit...10s

elezend said...

[I never complain even I'm in a room with no fan, I can adapted to such environment very well]

I will die >.>

Since you're in Miri, let's go play badminton.. can lose weight (Just kidding only)

Nice art as usual