Saturday, July 26, 2008

Phuket Island Trip (1)

As mentioned in the previous post, we (Me, Fern, SChee & Lucy) have planned this Phuket Island Traveling Trip since early of March 08. Finally the days have come and we success to make our first oversea traveling trip on 12 - 17 July 08.

We took 9:50P.M AirAsia flight from Miri to LCCT on 12/7, and reached LCCT at around 00:00A.M. We later took a taxi from LCCT to Lucy's sister house, which located in Puchong area. Ya, we managed to stay over night at her house before we proceed our trip to Phuket Island the next day afternoon.

Lucy's sister & brother-in-law
Well, even though that time already is midnight 1:00A.M, but not the time go to bed yet, the host brought us four person went to the nearby 24 hour mamak stall to have the late supper. We ordered “teh tarik”, “roti pisang” & nasik lemak. All these foods are good tasting & delicious. While enjoying the meals, the host shared with us their good time & experiences in Phuket Island not long ago; they highlighted & recommended us things that we must have a look & try there.
We slept at 3:00A.M. In the morning (10:00A.M) Lucy's sister drove us to the LCCT to catch the AirAsia flight to Phuket Island. Before leaving the house, we 4 travelers (from left: amei79, Fern, SChee & Lucy) not forget to took a group photo in front of the house. a
As it was 1:50P.M flight, so after checked in the luggage, we still have time to walk & look around in the LCCT shop departments. Of course, needless to say, the book corners always can easily get my attention. I'm interested in a book (Rich Dad Poor Dad series) wrote by Robert T. Kiyosaki, "Increase Your Financial IQ"! [ Surely I'll buy one when get back to Miri. Ya, I just search it at Popular Book Store yesterday night, but didn't see this book on the rack ]
a a
I have read roughly 10 pages of the book contents, below are part of the contents that I managed to digest in very short time:
1. Money problem of the poor dad is not enough money; money problem of the rich dad is too much money. (the author did list down the money problems faced by both rich & poor dad).
2. If you solve money problem, your financial IQ grows, when your financial IQ grows, you become richer; if you do not solve your money problem, you become poorer, the problem often grows into more problems.
[ My words: to get rich, we must first solve the money problem of poor to get ourselves out of the poor; and once get rich, we have another challenge, is to solve the money problem of rich to become rich forever, or get even richer til we are finally achieve the financial freedom. Then, to solve the money problem of poor and to solve the money problem of rich, which one is easier? I think it would be equally easy or difficult once we have success to "top-up" our financial IQ slowly in the money problem solving learning process! ]
Remark: to be continued


Nux V said...

faster faster upload ur phuket photos! btw, i m currently reading rich dad poor dad book!

Kikey Loo said...

i miss those Malaysian food!!


wonder phuket got sell wanton me or not~

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looking to go thru yr phuket stories :)

oh btw if ur into self help, id recommend the secret :)