Sunday, July 13, 2008

My First Oversea Travelling Trip

First of all, when you are reading this post entry, I think I just reached the LCCT (KL). Ya, I took the 21:40P.M AirAsia flight from Miri to KL, and should reach LCCT at round 11:50P.M. Together with me are Fern, Lucy, and Siao Chee. Then you must be very curious if you are a detail person and has noticed that this entry is posted on 12/7/08 at 00:00A.M. Does amei79 really in LCCT right now? Does he publish this post entry immediately right after he reached LCCT? Of course the answer is YES for question no.1, NO for question no.2. Well I'm using the "Scheduled Post" feature of Blogger to publish this post, wanna know more & learn how to do "Scheduled Post"? Okie, you can head on to A.P.P.L.E.
We will fly to Phuket Island (Thailand) by tomorrow afternoon (12:55P.M, 13/7/08). We planned this Phuket trip since March 08. I almost miss this trip at very last minute, you know why? I have submited my leave form to HR in the middle of June, I applied for 4 days leave. End of June, HR told me that my leave not approve by Management, they asked me postpone this vacation trip, due to recently the business is slow & unstable due to launch of the new price list. So they wanted me put more effort on gaining back the doctors' support.
I replied them that I have booked all the air tickets and hotel room, the bills are paid, so how can I either postpone or cancel the travelling trip? The management warned me that "in future, never buy any tickets without leave approval"! ~Sigh~ Does this make sense? Does this in-directly mean that we have to let management to plan our leave instead of we plan our own? -_-'''
I replied "Im sorry on this plan & trip, but I have no choice, to buy cheap tickets at airasia & save cost, we have to buy as early as we can, so cant wait til the leave approved, unless we can submit the leave application & get it approved in 3 - 4 mth earlier b4 the leave date. so need ur kind consideration pls."
You know, I'm so pissed off that time? I even have made a very bad desicion, if in case management doesn't want to re-consider my application (not approve my leave), I have only 2 options:
1. Apply 4 days unpaid leave. If still not approve, then
2. I will just quit the job. If quit, I will need to give the company at least one month notice, the mean time, I still have 14 days of annual leave (exclude the 4 days leave applied earlier); so probably after the submit of the resignation, I'll only need to work til 11/7, and start my long annual leave (14+4=18 days) from 12/7 to 31/7, I still able to catch my Phuket trip......: )
Luckily, none of the above will happen......finally the management is kind to approved max 3 days leave for me. Anyway, since my Phuket trip is a 5D4N trip (13/7 - 17/7), another one day is needed, so what should I do? Still wanna me teach you meh, pandai-pandai lah! :p
[ Remark: This is not really my first oversea travelling trip, I have been in Brunei for several times. Anyway, as Brunei is too close to Miri (around 2-3 hours journey, by land), so you won't have that special kind of feeling, and you won't feel like you are in oversea......that all for this time, will update you more on my Phuket Trip soon. TaTa...! ]


Katherine said...

Wow! At least now you could breath a sigh of relief that at least your bosses were kind enough. :D

Do post pictures of your Phuket Trip! :D

Anonymous said...

Okay, see you in Phuket. :)

Kikey Loo said...

wish u have a good trip!
enjoy!! (^.^)

Apple said...

So now you are enjoying yourself at, hope you have lots of fun and be sure to share your experience with us once you're back.

I'm glad you did learn something from one of my blogs. I saw your first scheduled post. Well done. :)

Hazel said...

so enjoy ah

Unknown said...

enjoy yr trip, my friend! :)

Nux V said...

awaiting ur posts on phuket!