Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Test Your IQ Sharpen Your Talent (01)

Start by today, I will post up different kind of quiz questions to test your IQ & sharpen your talents in the mathematics, creativity, imagination, inference, logic thinking, judgement & etc . I will try to post up 2-3 quiz questions per post, it may be easy and may be difficult. No matter how it would be lots of fun here, so please do follow up closely:
Question 01:
If 5 days before today is same as 3 days before the Saturday, then the day after tomorrow would be what day?

Question 02:
Mary will receive a toy bear from her uncle on her birthday celebration every year since she get born. She has received up to 276 toy bears at the moment. Do you know how old is Mary if you have been told that her age is represent by the numbers of toy bears received?


Remarks: This is scheduled post.


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