Thursday, July 3, 2008

Impacts of Petrol Price Hike ( 3 )

My Words:
When you say it, mean it please, which in Mandarin it means "言行一 致 "; or else please just keep the mouth shut and don't bluff!
Actually "they" have their point, after the fuel price hike incident, to reduce the expenses on the fuel we must change the lifestyle by go for car sharing or take a public bus which is more econimic compare to drive and pay the bills alone, or try to stay at home if you have no need to go outside.
The problem is when the fuel price hike comes, it not come alone, it brings its gangs to visit us too, this is what we called "chain effect" --- the price increase in the food & drink, groceries, and other goods. So we have to further change the lifestyle again? Eat less rice, meat & vegetable and eat more instant noodles as a replacement? No, instant noodles also increase in the price; then eat bread? No, bread not only increase in the price, shrinken in the size too......between no point to harm our health just because of wanna save money!
If we have the wealth as much as "you" have had now, we have no worry and will suggest the same (change lifestyle) to those who have low income too and to those we always claim that money no enough, as it is almost too easy and relax --- "we say it, don't mean it"!


elezend said...

Changing lifestyle is not as easy as YB thinks ~.~

Nice comic by the way =) you're good in drawing

Unknown said...

like yr cartoon drawings. been seeing a few of them lately. just curious, since when are you into cartoon drawings and where else can we see them? :)

Katherine said...

Aiyoh~~ I've been hearing so much about fuel increases, I think I've become immune already to the surprise.

古墓街第7号當鋪 said...

Malaysia government sux la...
Everything also increase.
Didn't hv a good budget plans....
Feel like running away from this country....

amei79 said...

ya r rite, that y people said "theory" is easier than "practical"...:p
btw, 10s 4 the compliment!

not long ago, u can find them in my blog under post catergory "My e-COMIC"...hope u like it.

everyone will immune to it soon, but need time, especially 4 those who has low income.

where to run? i think all countries around the world have its own good & bad...

Anonymous said...

Price oil hike already shaken the world and of course in good way for oil producing nations except Malaysia. I wish to work in a Petro company and get that huge bonuses.

amei79 said...

i heard that most Petro companies offer good allowance, bonus and insentive. anyway not easy to get such job. good luck to you..:)