Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clock of Different Control Mode

Fern has brought back a mini digital clock from the clinic yesterday, it was given by a sale representative of Arcoxia. Normally we may need to press a button to let the alarm clock display us the different features / modes (e.g alarm timing, timer...etc) on the digital screen before we can make some adjustments; but this clock is special & unique, we can just rotate the clock's body at 90 degree each to display us the different modes on the screen. I have no idea how the clock makes it, but I think the blue liquid may play a certain role to trigger the sensor inside the clock's body?
aNow the clock displays the "time" & "date on the screen.

After 90 degree of rotation, now it shows the "time" preset in the alarm mode

Another 90 degree of rotation, now the clock showing the "room temperature"

Another 90 degree of rotation, now the "timer" is on the screen



Hazel said...

special clock!!

龟龟 said...

Special clock!i like it!

QuaChee said...

wow special clock indeed! :)

Jayce @ Pretty Girl said...

Look cute le. :)

-waiseng- said...

wow, this clock is really cool. I wish I have 1 too.

amei79 said...

hazel,龟龟,quachee,jayce & waiseng
yup, in summary,the clock is cool, cute & special.

levian said...

rotating clock ?? i haven't seen one of these yet !! :D is d liquid thingy gel-like ??

amei79 said...

me too...yup the liquid is thingy gel-like.

Neo said...

Wow, the clock is so special. :)