Friday, May 16, 2008

Cursed SMS vs One Miss Call

Recently, there is a hot hearsay which has been spreaded widely via the SMS. The SMS is sent with the purpose to remind or warn the public that recently there is an Indonesian created a cursed SMS or call with an intention to test the effectiveness of his / her so called "black magic" (curse). According to SMS, it warned that never answer any phone call with phone numbers of 4 weird digits (0666 or 0888) and with a red screen beyond 10:00P.M. Or else the person who has answered the call will die sound so scary!
Anyway, don' t be too panic or worry, as now I'm go to announce, the film director Takashi Miike called me personally said that he is currently filming the horror movie "One Miss Call III", so if you do received such SMS or phone call with a red screen, please do not answer the call or read the SMS or please just ignore it, as you are not in the his actor or actress's list. Or else, please do so at your on risk (you have been warned, you will have to bear the consequence with full responsibility!).......:p
Curse of SMS or phone call? Wow, it sound unbelieveable! Curse? It reminds me the black magics or witchcraft owned by the Malay & most of the Bumiputera in Malaysia (e.g Iban, Bidayuh...etc), by the used of certain kinds of supernatural or magical power. All these while, the curses or witchcrafts are the traditional practices, but now they have become so advance and can be practiced or deliveried to the victims via the high technology devices like handphones? Perhaps the programming experts should work harder, not only on the anti-virus, anti-spam, or anti-spyware programs and etc, but also on the new anti-curse program? lolz
You see, most times the dramas or movies play an important role as the teaching materials. If the above hearsay is true, I guess the movie "One Miss Call" have gave the said Indonesian wizard a bad idea to delivery the curses or spells via the handphones! Well, do you believe in the existance of the curse, black magic or witchcraft?


laydeylike said...

i do believe there are curses, black magic and witchcraft. we need to watch out from getting all these unwanted dark forces.

u never know u get them, only people around u, could feel the change in u. does sounds scaryyy!!

Nux V said...

LOL! anti-curse program? tht's a great marketing idea! i m gonna proposed this to our management.

levian said...

the poster is so spooky !! even the whole case sounds kinda scary when people put it that way. "curses" n stuff .. :P

Anonymous said...

I dun believe!
I rather believe in the fantasy world of computer games than witchcraft.
Then again, witchcraft is a good way to be an emo kid.

希克 said...

I know about the SMS too, but it is hard for me to believe a curse can kill a life via SMS.

Anonymous said...

i believe in curses....but so far, all those forwarded emails saying if u don forward, u will die bla bla bla. i din give a damn. :| that's why i've never passed the "curse" on to my friends. :P

so far i m ok ah.

Anonymous said...

unless we have see people around us experienced it, otherwise most people wont belief. i do belief too.

nux v
huh? management may think u are crazy...lolz

i just wonder how if our handphones are monochromic type? how the screen can turn red?

3point8 & 保罗
ok, simple question, if u do received such red screen SMS or call, to ignore or to response to it for an experiment see if it is true?

alvin lim
i hate these mails or sms too, to delete immediately, and so far im still damn lucky...lolz

levian said...

haha !! good point !! even the color screen mobile needs some programming thingies to make it turn red .. by ringing ?? wow ..

Kikey Loo said...

wah.. got this kind of news in Malaysai ar.. shd scary.. I will believe.. :p

by the way, thanks for visiting my blog! :)

curryegg said...

If I watched this movie.. I will be phobia to miss call.. wuooo.. better don't watch? Haha..

Oh ya. amei.. maybe you can try to use the same banner for the campaign for 3 days? I've just created the banner.. Do five me some feedbacks if you have a better one.. Thank you.
Happy wesak day.. ;)

Apple said...

"but also on the new anti-curse program?"

That's hilarious.


Katherine said...

Woah...that's so freaky. I don't like the poster too~~

Anonymous said...

anyway, if really can turn red, this meant the black magic or curse is really powerful...

wah,u so outdated ya...haha
10s for visit my blog too.

u are too sensitive i think...
u put up the banner soon.

me too, will just ignore it instead of answer the call bcoz of curiousity.

just a hearsay i think, as no news anymore...

Anonymous said...

hmmmm... so its true?
i receive a weird msg on 13-03-09 (which is conincidentally a friday)it reads such "awak mu sopo cog". i didnt know what it means but i ask my malay friend he told me is a cursed msg and caution me not to reply it. subsequently i ignored but the number call back. not once but 4 times. i had to off my phone in the end. sounds weird huh? wonder if it really will put me in deep shit if i had reply. lol.