Friday, May 30, 2008

Who Know The Correct Answer?

My colleague, Beatrix asked me a weird question last 2 days. She told that her friend just went for an interview for the a teacher post not long ago. Those participants may need to sit for a table test too. There was an objective question sound like this:
Lembu : Kerbau

A. Ayam : Itik
B. Kambing : Seladang
C. Halimau : Singa
D. Biawak : Buaya
In case you dont know what is Lembu (Cow), here the look...:p

And this is Kerbau (Buffalo)

WTH the question is? Testing for the participants' IQ? May be, since the childs or students (new generation) in the modern time tend to have high curiosity in all aspects compare to the older generation. New generation has different mindset & thinking too. Teachers need to be trained to handle certain unexpected conditions like students may ask some stupid or silly questions which can be so annoyance, awkwardness & nonsense! In should, teachers must possess a brain (IQ & EQ) which able to turn at 360 degree & process high capacity of data!

So what would be your best answer for the question above? A, B, C or D? Why?



levian said...

what is seladang ??
what is biawak ?? lizard ??
if it is, then i'll choose D.
herm .. *still doubting*

Zooropa said...

I'm excited over this kind of IQ test as I always got low points one, hehehe...I'll go for biawak:buaya coz I think they're from the same family but different category same as lembu:kerbau. Whatever it is, let me know further huh!


Deimos Tel`Arin said...

C. Halimau : Singa

Both belong to the cat family, grow up to similar sizes, both kill and eat their prey etc.

Obvious correct answer. :D

Unknown said...

i think is "C". Both under same family

Nux V said...

susahnya nak jawab! i dun tink i can answer this question correctly!

yomi said...

i think its C. Harimau: Singa too!!
Which is the correct answer??

amei79 said...

seladang look alike the bull too.
biawak is "snake with 4 legs"...:D

i dont have the answer...u seem did study the biodeversity ya...haha

Deimos Tel`Arin
u have the point, but i have no correct answer for you...:)

any explanation to support ur answer?

nux v
ya, me too. just donno why they ask such question. ???

sorry, i have no answer...haha

hi all
really sorry, i dont have the correct answer. my answer is B. reasons are that both cow, buffalo, seladang & kambing are herbivour, has 4 legs, has horns, has hoofs, look alike.

Apple said...

I also feel that it's B.
By the way, it's "harimau" not "halimau" right?

amei79 said...

Err...been long time not using malay words, so quite confuse with the ejaan now...haha