Saturday, May 24, 2008

Karen Kong's Meet The Fans

Recently Karen Kong has her East Malaysia Promotional Tour to Borneo Island (Sabah & Sarawak). She was in Miri and had a performance in Miri Indoor Stadium on 20 May night, conjunction to the Miri City Day Celebration ( Yes, the Oil Town-Miri City is 2 years old now! Happy Birthday to Miri City! ). If not mistaken this is her 2nd tour to Miri. She flied to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah the next day and back to Miri again on 23 May 08.
Last night (23 May 08), Karen was in Miri Bintang Plaza to meet her lovely fans, with the purpose to promote her Mandarin Album "ShowTime ~ 表演 Vol 2 ". Together with her was the MC, 吴俐瑾, who is one of the aiFM's DJ. (吴俐瑾 was in Miri for the first time for the 1st "爱新年" performance in East Malaysia early of year 2008). Karen Kong was later has her 2nd "ShowTime" performance at Halo Cafe (海螺餐廳) at around 21:30P.M.
The MC, 吴俐瑾 and the singer, 龔柯允
Karen Kong presented 4 songs: 表演, 离岛,沉默.秘密, 阵阵跳
Karen Kong's Fans Crowd
Karen Kong plays game with 3 fans
Karen Kong's "Meet The Fans" Signature Session

Karen Kong, Fern and amei79

Fern, 吴俐瑾, and amei79
During the "Meet The Fans" session, the fans can buy Karen Kong's first Malay Album "Mulakan" at RM29.90, pre-order "ShowTime vol 2" Mandarin album at RM37 (which inclusive "ShowTime" album with Kara-OK, 1 piece of poster, 4 pieces of car stickers, and 2 photos; the album will later be delivery to you within one month time) and sign up to Karen Kong's Fan Club at RM30 (with free T-shirt) at the counter provided.
Shown below are Karen Kong's Sabah & Sarawak Promo Tour Schedules.
21/5 ~ Kota Kinabalu Halo Cafe [ 9:00PM ]
22/5 ~ Jesselton Cafe Sandakan [ 8:00PM ]
23/5 ~ Miri Bintang Plaza [ 7:30PM ]
23/5 ~ Miri Halo Cafe [ 9:00PM ]
24/5 ~ Bintulu Park City Mall [ 7:30PM ]
25/5 ~ Sibu Sin Kwong Market Salim [ 7:30PM ]


levian said...

don't really know who she is, but she definitely looks cute !! :D

Dalicia said...

actually i don't know who she is....glad you got to see her

Anonymous said...

she is pretty.. but dun know about the voice la

amei79 said...

not many people know her, still a new singer, somemore her 1st album is malay one. ever heard the "cinta hello kitty"?

hope after reading my post, u will know her better...:)

her voice, quite sweet lah 4me...

levian said...

herm .. nop.
maybe cause i "rarely" (never) listen to malay song.
hehe. :P

Unknown said...

she's getting more popular heh :) really sweet voice. i act knew her by accident - bought her album on the 1st day when released just because i support local. imagine if i wasnt at the store that day unpacking her album haha

Geralvin said...

Hihi, I just pass by and drop a foot print

Hazel said...

huh,i m so out-dated because i haven't hear about her before.

amei79 said...

i seldom listen malay song too, english song the same. now even so out-dated with those new mandarin songs.

i have pre-order her "showtime" album that day, now awaiting it to reach me...also because of support local loh...this is my 2nd original CD I bought in 29 years, the 1st album was by sammi cheng.

welcome & 10s to drop by here. drop more often pls...:)

not weird, bcoz normally most local people prefer foreign products...lolz

levian said...

i stick to english, mandarin, n japanese mostly.
does that mean you rarely listens to radio ??

amei79 said...

only listen to the radio when im lots of CD, put aside when go for Kara-Ok, only know how to sing those out-dated songs.

levian said...

haha, let's not allow you to criticize yourself any further. XD i guess the urge to listen to musics do depend pretty much on our mood. ;)