Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You Decide to Stay or Quit

I have work with my recent company for 4 years long (since 1st April 2004). I still remember, just few months after I joined this company, I talked to my self that, I won't stay here long, perhaps max 1 year! The main reason is I'm not really interested in marketing life. But wow, the time flies, without my conscious, and I even can't belief that I have been here for that long already, 4 years! Huh! I'm still here after 4 years??? ~Sign~
Within these 4 years time, I have saw many staffs come in & go out the company (when is my turn? hihi), the rate of the staffs' turn-over seem is abit high compare to other companies which under the same industry field. What is / are the reason(s) for the high staffs' turn-over rate? I have no idea, but I guess it might certainly has a close relation to the staffs' employee benefits:

1. Salary Revision
I had my first salary increment After the 6 months probation period. After that, I have my salary increment every year, but till recent year my net salary still not much higher compare to the salary of last 3 years. You know why? As at the first year of work, company offered me RMY of basic salary + RM2X of outstation allowance; In 2nd year, management has increased my basic salary to RMY + RMX, in the same time the allowance reduced to RMX; Whislt in the 3rd year, my basic salary has been revised to RMY + RM2X, without any allowance; this year (last month), my basic salary remain the same, management gave me RMX of allowance. Does it mean my basic salary will be revised to RMY + RM3X with no allowance in the nex year? Can you catch what I meant? Anyway, I have to admit that, the salary offered is highest compare to other competitors.
2. End Year Bonus
First year, I received one month bonus from the management. According to the senior staffs, this being the first time they had the 1 month bonus! The following year, management announced that, staffs' bonus to determined by few factors, e.g sale performance, no of day of annual leaves taken...etc. So in the 2nd & 3rd year of work, I received bonus of 5 digits, with a "." after the 1st 3 digits, and the 1st digit is not more than 3......Can you imagine? Why should annual leaves to be listed as one of the factors that decide our bonus? Isn't sound like we used our bonus to buy the annual leaves?!! And this year, no news at all...... ~ Sigh ~
3. Annual Leave
Of course like other private companies, we have annual leave entitlement after the 6 months probation period. If we failed to claim all the annual leave, it will be burnt, as neither bring forward to the next year nor claim for money is not allow. Just end of year 2007, I have been informed by HR that staffs are not allow to take more than 3 days leave within a month...Oh shit, how if I wanna have a long vacation in the foreign countries? To apply for the un-pay leave?!!
4. Working Hours
Most of the staffs have to work 6 days a week, depent on the area, the operating hours listed below:
Monday - Friday : 8:00A.M to 5:00P.M
Saturday aaaaaaa: 8:00A.M to 1:00P.M
Sunday aaaaaaaa : 8:00A.M to 12:00P.M
Holidays* aaaaaa : Close (12 days a year)
Can you see, us as a employee have to tender majority part of our times to work for the company' s good. It is quite tired. Good news is, with effect 1st May 08, Miri outlet to be close on the Sunday. And management has managed to added another 4 1/2 days public holidays** (operating hours: 8:00A.M to 1:00P.M) to all the outlets
(*)a -- New Year Day, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Christmas Day, Birthday of Agong, Birthday of TYT, National Day, Labour Day, Gawai Festival
(**) -- Awal Muharam, Hari Raya Haji, Birthday of Prophet Muhammad, Good Friday


Apple said...

I've been working in my current company for 1 year and 2 months. I also tell myself that I will not work here for long, at max 2 years. I'm currently searching for a better opportunity and hope I am lucky enough (another 10 months time to search for a better job). Or else, just like what you encountered, I will have to stay in this company more than I have expected.

Today is the 7th, I haven't get my salary yet. After my 3 months probation period, I was not given any increment until last month (March's salary) I recieved a RM50 increment only!! =(

Today suppose to receive my salary, probably in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the birthday wish :D

Unknown said...

now u know why i dont work for ppl. haha.

on a more serious note, u shld try to find a new job... and also do some part time things (thig blog is a gd start :) ). eventually, this (or any other part time biz) can be yr full time.

u be yr own boss :)

Hazel said...

change a good job oledi hah, working for people is like that onelah no more freedom

Geralvin said...

I like the way you write your blog.I have post a comment. Maybe accidentally press something, kind of disappeared.From my understanding, your company is just playing around with the figure only, so it means that you will have the same salary for continuous 2 years, Am I right? Good luck to you. Do visit my blog when you're free.

Unknown said...

Actually why you still stay in this company? Not thinking to look for a better job? As I know, you already as a branch manager there right?

Anonymous said...

this is "nasib" of being an employee. Normally i will get the salary 3rd or 4th day of each mth while other staffs on the 1st day.

u are welcome.

that is what im looking for, to be self-employed, just donno how to start...

u r rite, but i belief we can make a change very soon.

10s for the compliment. u r rite, they play with the figure, they are smart, i like their idea even though not happy with their tactic...haha

Hmm...sometime things not go as what we wished...branch manager, area manager, CEO or whatever, it just a title, we are the same, a worker...:p

Unknown said...

hi amei79,

i cant advice much yet, but you can do some soul searching (interests).

another option, like one of my friends did, see what makes money, learn the necessary skills, and be 'free'! :)

Unknown said...

..the truth is out there.

long live life..

Anonymous said...

10s for the suggestion...should do somethings to make a change.

the newspaper cutting from sihua, will may be mail to u very soon. u wait ya...