Friday, May 9, 2008

MAS vs AirAsia

With Effect 1 May 08 (if not mistaken), Malaysia Airline (MAS) is launching their "Everyday Low Fares" project, and started offer free seat at RM0.00 (exclude the tax) which similiar to what AirAsia is doing. They have advertised this promotion on the TV channels, local newspapers & etc lately, so I'm sure you have heard about it. You can always log in their website for further & latest informations.
This would be a good news to all of us, especially those who travelling oftenly, as now we have more than one option. Huh? Why I say like this? Well, if you are not a person who rich enough or a person who willing to spend extra money, certainly MAS won't be one of your option to travel with in the past, unless you have no choice; and no doubt AirAsia would be the only & the first choice to you. Since MAS also launching their so called "low fare" airline services now, so would you still need some time to consider & hesitate whether to fly with MAS or not?
The next day, AirAsia has noticed the great competition & challenge fast enough, and has gave an immediate response to fight back its competitor, MAS. I heard some people said that part of the seats which the air fares were at RM69.xx at the 1st attempt, but it seem has been re-adjusted to RM39.xx. when 2nd attempt was made 30 minutes later.
Do you see the image below, which I adopt from AirAsia's website? They claimed that "AirAsia, the true low fare airline, provides the lowest fares for all flights in our extensive route network, both domestic and international. We boast a spanking new aircraft fleet, great in-flight food and friendly service without compromising on our safety standards. You have to admit, it’s a bargain! Smart consumers know the difference. Get your calculator out and start doing the math. Calculators don't lie. "
The CEO, Dato' Tony Fernandes even said that, we welcome you to approach us to have a refund for the extra money spent, if you found that the air-ticket (AirAsia) that you have bought is more expensive than the MAS one (same destination)! e.g: MAS vs AirAsia = RM68 vs RM88, AirAsia happy to refund you RM20! Isn't it sound great?

So what do you think? Which Airline you prefer to fly with, MAS or AirAsia? When you are making a decision on which airline to use, you are actually make a choice between the "cost effectiveness" & "time effectiveness" . Of course for those who care more on the money, even if only save RM0.01, they will still choose the AirAsia.

Mind me to remind you? AirAsia has the higher risk of delay in the flight schedules. If let say you can make RM20 per hour, delay of flight departure time for may be only 1 hour may cause you loss RM6.50 (RM20.00 - RM13.50)! Can you image how much will you lost if you are a success businessman, or know well speaker who able to earn RM100 or above per hour? How about if you are rushing time to deal with a business or big project with a value of RM10,000 or more? Would you mind to loss a big amount of money just to save that RM13.50? Is it worth?

Anyway, for me there is not much different between MAS & AirAsia' services, even though MAS claimed that they provide 5 stars airline services. The only disadvantage of flying with AirAsia is that you may need to walk so far from the air-craft to the terminal building under the hot sun (raining day) upon arrived.

Lastly, MAS & AirAsia has makes most people dream come true, with " Everyday Low Fares", "Now Everyone Can Fly"!!! Isn't it great?



Geralvin said...

MAS provide a better airplane maintenance compared to Air Asia. For those that safety come first, MAS is still a better choice. (That is the thing that increase their cost). Besides, food is optional in Air Asia. You need to order during booking for flight tickets. Thirdly, their baggage is charged RM3 per baggage.

I still prefer Air Asia if their price is much cheaper than Mas. Else I will rather go for Mas.
(personal opinion)

Nux V said...

i prefer comfort more than price...i opt for MAS

JK said...

You are right, we now have another option.

Anonymous said...

Got such a great tool for comparison.. not bad..

Anonymous said...

Im using AirAsia all these while, 4me, their service is quite OK, acceptable.

nux v:
hmm...i care less on the accommodation & transportation, as long as is safe, ok 4me. I rather spend more money on visiting place & buy stuffs...:)

we will have more options if we flight with MAS, they have more flight schedules per day to all destination compare to AirAsia.

they just wanna teach the consumers to be smart in choosing a better service....:)

Anonymous said...

Uhhh, i better start flying soon before oil runs out or something and airlines can't offer flights at such low rates or even at all. Quick quick, reason to fly cepat datang!


p.s. But i wanna go First Class!! :P

laydeylike said...

with competitions, then only AirAsia can improve, no monoply!! yay!!

Anonymous said...

u r rite...i try the best to plan the travelling trips...but the sad is, lack of vit "M", and annual leave hard to be approved somemore, dont dare to plan beyond the date.

they are still fighting...i just worry they one having the "price war" and loss concern on the service quality!

Unknown said...

im all game for more competition. wish got a 3rd airplane haha!

btw if not much difference, ppl will take the 5 star one im sure. :)

but i like air asia tongue in cheek counters. always so cheeky!

im act planning to do some advert which are like their style for my new book. haha. i just did one, but will launch it in a few weeks to come haha.

amei79 said...

for me, both are ok, if price not much different, but the sad is, MAS website need longer time to be loaded, server to small capacity?
and so far all RM0.00 sold out, unbelieveable....!

u meant ur book on "Malaysia"? how much is the price?

Anonymous said...

even tough i used to complain about MAS compare to other airlines..i will still presfer MAS than Air Asia..for all the reasons below:

1. Comfort
2. Smooth landing / Flight Safety
3. Services (imagine on long haul flight and the food is finished!)
3. No Delays
4. Now that the price war started, MAS is just a little more than AA gives more reason to fly MAS.
5. no need to drag my heavy luguagge in the hot sun!
6.the CEO of AA/X are all crooks they dont care about environments and their consumers, they only care for cheaper flights for more profits.