Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Largest Mosquito I Ever Saw

I saw a "Vampire" when I wanna to have a shower in the bath room last few days. I'm not really sure if the noun "Vampire" is suitable to describe this big mosquito or not, it may not require a blood meal I guess.
As I know, the male or large mosquito species normally doesn't bite animals or human for the blood meal, they have the juicy meal from the fruits or plants instead. Or else, it would be quite terrible to have such big "blood addicted" mosquito flying anywhere in our houses just seeking victim(s) for a "luxury" meal.
The largest mosquito I ever saw is shown in the photo below, Its lenght is around 2 cm plus. Have you ever see a mosquito in such a big size in the past? Creepy right? :D
Size comparison of the mosquito to the 10 cent coint.


keeyit said...

Are you sure that is mosquito??? No la just other insect la...

cbenc12 said...

kill it! i hate mosquitoe.. male or female.. i hope they extinct!

Neo said...

I think not mosquito ler... so large meh?

levian said...

vampire ..
nope, it doesn't deserve the name,
it is not pretty enough. :P
but dang .. it is Huge !!

Jayce @ Make Money said...

WoW. Big Big one. GELI... :P

Dalicia said...

in singapore museum..they display the world largest mosquito..i thought they were kidding!!!! was huge!!!!! makes your mosquito look like a toy

amei79 said...

belief me it is mosquito...last time my lecturer told that there is a mosquito species (female) can reach the size bigger than this.

Err...donno its gender woh...b4 i have time to study its structure, it has been misplaced by the small childs with curiosity...:)

female "Toxorhynchites speciosus" (one of the mosquito species) can reach the length of 1.5 inches, according to the scientis.

hmm, i cant belief u r a fan of the vampires. it really exist in this world?

ya, almost 10x of the normal mosquito's size.

it must be "Toxorhynchites speciosus" species i guess. well such a big mosquito really exist, not kidding.

levian said...

hehe, hope i didn't appear as a freak to you. :P i believe they do exist, a generation that has the appearance of human, no difference from us. human changes through time, i believe vampires to adapt like we do too. the thing is, maybe we can't recognized or differentiate them from normal human being. ;)

curryegg said...

I met this kinda of mosquito as well when I was in my hometown. Gosh! It's really scary. Wonder how will it feel when being bitten?
Ahhww.... @_#

amei79 said...

hmm, if so, that meant they have a normal life like human? no more blood sucking? or else there should at least news report on the incident.

Err...i just cant imagine if all mosquito as big as this one & flying everywhere...

levian said...

i suppose the blood-sucking would reduced or they are not as needy as the stories were told. from what i heard, there are some psychotic killers that claimed they need blood though. who knows they are one of the later-vampires ?? the world is filled with possibilities after all. ;)

Robin said...

Oh no that's definitely NOT a mosquito. It is a harmless insect know as "Danny Long Legs" belonging to a gnat family. In the place where is live it is a very common insect. Incidently there is a mosquito that is larger than the normal "BAD" mosquito, but it is a GOOD mosquito. It doesn't suck blood. It is known as Toxorhynchites and both male and female only feed on plant sap. Their larvae feed on the larvae of the "Bad" mosquitoes.

Anonymous said...

It is definitely NOT a mosquito. It is a harmless insect known as Danny Long Legs. It belongs to the same family as the Gnat. There are also mosquitos that are bigger than the normal bad mosquitos but they are Good mosquitos their larvae feed on the larvae of bad mosquitoes.

Anonymous said...

It's a crane fly. Looks similar to mosquitoes, but huge.