Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things that Addictive to Me

High Speed
When I just past my driving test, I only drove at the average speed of 50KM/hour, I don't dare to drive beyond this speed, as I afraid I will lost my control on the steering. Few months later, I drove at the average speed of 80KM/hour which is still considered as too fast for me; And now, the speed of 80KM/hour and above seem is too slow to me. I always wish to drive at at least 100KM/hour and above, but I can't; not because of I don't dare or I'm scared, it is because of the majority of the road conditions not allow me to do so! The fastest speed I ever drove in my Myvi is 140KM/hour, I make it on the free highway from Miri to Bintulu. I'm so excited over the high speed & the sound from the car's engine accelerates my heartbeats......Anyway, I try not to do so whenever more than one person in a car...or if drive alone, I will make sure I'm not only drive fast, but drive right and drive safely.
Ya, is "exercise", not a typo error! This happen when I'm studied in USM, Health Campus, which located in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. We used to called this place "古板可怜", which is quite bore with no much entertainments. So the only thing I can do after lectures or during the free time is either sleeping or exercise. I went for jogging or play badminton every evening after 5:30P.M. I found that once I have jog for so regularly, I just can't skip it even for a single day; I felt so disappointed & started to complain whenever the raining day came. So I played badminton as a replacement, or will just wait the rain to stop. I jogged 5 to 7.5KM everyday along the run-way around the campus's golf court, which one round roughly equal to 2.5K.M. If you don't believe one can addicted to the exercise or sport, you can have a try, and worth to try! So why not?a
Alcoholic Drinks
Do you drink alcoholic drinks like beer, liquor, wine and etc? Or have you try one before? If you never try an alcoholic drink before, you will never know how it tastes alike. According to alcoholic drinkers, those who are new to the alcoholic drinks (e.g beers) will feel that it was a bit bitterness in its taste for the first few tries; but when time past & you keep drink the beers for a certain period, he or she will later found that the beers are actually sweet tasting. And this is the time you started or have totally addicted to the beers. Never try never know, but better you don't try, as alcoholic drinks can be harmful to our liver and kidney. I do drink socially but I try the best to not buy myself any alcoholic drink, so I only drink if it is FOC......:) So please don't tempt me......
There are so many gambling or betting activities out there for your choice, like buying the digits either at Sports Toto, Magnum4D or Cash Sweep, or "under-ground bodies", or via online (e.g www.bs88.com), football betting, playing card, casino and etc. One may easily get addicted to the gambling habit if he or she has won the game in the first few tries. You should know that some events like playing cards or watching football matches alone are already interesting & exciting enough, what more if you can make some money from the games? What worst is human believed in luck and they are greedy, so once they won, they will keep on gambling by invest bigger amount of money with the only hope to win back more money. [ FYI, those who are new to gambling, normally they are more likely to win in the games, as they are still "pure" in the heart & thinking, they play for fun; later they are unlikely to win the games, as their heart & thinking is "polluted", they play for money! ] Luckily I'm a human, hence I believed in luck too, so I have finally choose to play those games for fun only............the reason is I never be good luck in gambling in the past...:pa
Junk Foods
Although I'm high health conscious, I'm in health care industry and knew that the junk foods may content some sort of colouring, chemical additives and etc which can be harmful to our healths or bodies, I just can't resist the temptation of eating those delicious junk foods like cutter fish slices, crispy potato chips, crackers & snacks, biscuits, wafer cakes and etc. It is so "syiok" with the junk foods accompany me all the times whenever I'm reading book or watching TV & DVD, it keep my mouth exercising. I'm gaining weight now-a-day, and so sad that most of the pants no longer fit to my waist. I hope I can stop eating these "rubbish" foods one day and I'm trying hard not to buy any junk foods now, but the mission seem failed, as I found that I have more excuses & reasons to buy & eat junk foods since I try to say "NO" to the junk foods! ~Sigh~


Apple said...

Oh, so these are things which are addictive to you. Nice write up (saw you mentioned in my blog that you gonna write this post).

High speed - wow you really "need for speed"..remember to drive safely :)

Exercise - that sounds so healthy.

Alcoholic drinks - I rarely drink. But I can't resist things like rum in chocolate or ice-cream :P

Gambling - I never get my hands on that. Most of my colleagues buy Toto. I have no interest at all. lol

Junk foods - I love them too but I'm controlling myself. Once in a while should be fine.

Maybe you can post up your target (lose weight) to make a public "commitment" and under such pressure you won't give yourself extra execuses :D

levian said...

high speed - well, i'm not driving. but if i'm with a skilled driver, i don't mind a little speed at all. ;)

exercise - i love the feeling after exercising, n not forgetting the muscle cramp next day !! love it !! :D

alcoholic drinks/gambling - i touch neither of these.

junk food - try saying "no chocolate" to girls is suicidal. i guess you get the point. XD

amei79 said...

wow, u r a "good girl" type lah...so just keep ur self from those un-healthy stuffs 4ever lah!

"public commitment"? just like what u did? hmm...not a bad idea, will think about it.

muscle cramp? r u a regular exerciser? pls do perform the neccessary warming up to prevent it lah.

Chocolate, i love it too....people said that chocolate can make us smile & happy.

Unknown said...

hey a nice share! just be careful not to mix them together (drink & drive) or for that matter (drink & exercise) lol :)

curryegg said...

You need to be strong in order to reduce the intake of alcoholic drink.. Need motivation.. Gambate oh.. ;)

Oh ya, you're a student from USM? really?

Dalicia said...

:) nice blog! yes i do drink...but in my place we have strict laws on drunk driving. so better not. because i surely love to drive....

congrats on your license :) speed away

amei79 said...

Wow sound interesting & dangerous...i will never let it happen...i never drink till drunk so far.

i need continuous motivation, as people said that, those attend a motivation class:
課堂里, 情緒很激動
課堂外, 四處的搖動
回到家, 一動也不動

Yup, im from USM. U too?

here so, the driving licence can be onhold...10s for dropping by my blog...

Anonymous said...

Try listen to Initial D soundtrack when driving. Your speed will be going as fast as you can. :D

amei79 said...

Initial D? they are car racing expert lah...lol. some more my myvi can go beyong that speed i guess...haha

levian said...

haha nah, not the painful type that proves you didn't eat enough bananas. it's the sore type that kinda proves that you did work your muscle. n i love how it feels. :D

yup, so i heard. similar to coffee n cigarettes, chocolate has a calming effect. n thats the exact reason we love it so much !! n of course the sweetness too. XD

Eehui said...

i m addicted to shopping shopping and shopping =D

what health care industry are you in?

oh i m addicted to mahjong too! it's pure ego booster when u win yr friends intelligently =p

amei79 said...

if so should then massage that body part, i think it would be more "syiok"? haha

ya, so that everyone can smile as sweet as a piece of chocolate...:D

Medical lab.
I think majority female love shopping...so easy to earn women' money...haha
oh mahjong, i like it too, but almost forget how to play mahjong now.

Deimos Tel`Arin said...

[High speed]

The Waja that I drive is quite old, many years already. Drive too fast, and the sound of the engine will overwrite everything else. O_O


Do you still jog that often nowadays? For me, the only time I "exercise" is on Sunday mornings, in which I walk my doggies. :D

[Alcoholic drinks]

"IT HAS TO BE HEINEKEN!" But if offered to me FOC, any will do. :D

Used to be a heavy drinker. O_O


Never was addicted to gambling. :D

I very much prefer video gaming over gambling cold hard cash! ;)

[Junk foods]

Not really a fan of junk food, will eat if there are some lying around in the room. :D

My Darling likes junk foods though.

levian said...

wow !!
i'll be sure to scream my head off if someone tries to "massage it". XD

Zooropa said...

It seems that u r a healthy guy except addicted to junk food but me also sometimes can't resist to potato chips! hehehe...


amei79 said...

Deimos Tel`Arin
[Do you still jog that often nowadays? ]
No since I step in the working life. But recently addicted to badminton game.

[I very much prefer video gaming over gambling]
this can be addictive to me too, so try best to get myself away of gaming, my PC is free of game, just let myself as out-dated as I could in the gaming world...:p

anyway, i may change my mind, as I hv listen a program from the radio, said that nowaday parents should learn PC or Video gaming too, so that parents can communicate better with their childs, and have better understanding on childs' need & thinking.

haha...i exactly know that feeling...:p

hmm, not really healthy...i like supper too...haha